A Winter White Wedding!

All this snow and cold has gotten me in the mood for a winter white wedding! I love the idea and have been asking clients to consider it for years...and finally we have a taker. Well actually, she came to us with her color palette, but we really have been asking for clients to even consider it. The idea of clean crisp white linens, white flowers, white dresses, beautiful event lighting and a bit of shimmer gets my heart all a flutter! Of course, there are a few accent colors that really play well with an all white wedding, you know, gold or the green of stems are two. OH YES! And candlelight is a must!

Here are a few inspirational images:
First, my clients, Kristen and Bryan. Their e*session was shot right after the first snow of the season (inspiration enough). Their amazing photographer is no other than James Christianson. I am looking forward to their winter white wedding in December.

Here are 2 others...Pretty and Tall, with candlight galore, both from http://www.theknot.com/

How about a white wedding cake? Of course it's awesome...it's from Martha Stewart.

I love the versatility of white, because it works in both the winter and summer. Since Virginia Beach is a destination area...colors that work year round just make me happy.

How about flowy white linens with a porcelain bowl over flowing with orchids?

Or Beautiful Brides enjoying the weather?

Even Simple and Elegant Details:

Thank You to James Christianson, Lissa Hatcher and Scott Hayne for allowing us to use their amazing images.

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