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I have been blessed to work on many amazing events throughout my career and I am always honored when we get mentioned in the press. In recent months we have been both quoted in a great article and had the beautiful wedding of Joe and Natalia featured in VOW magazine. You can pick up the most current issue in bridal stores and around town now.

Makeup Tips...Part 2

One of the most important (if not THE most important) parts of a wedding day is making sure the bride looks the way she has always dreamed she would… And the truth is the wedding dress is only a small piece of what makes a bride feel beautiful. Her Dress, Her Veil, Her Hair, Her Shoes, Her Accessories…and finally her Makeup complete that overall look.
I posted the first 7 tips to my interview with my fabulous sister-in-law and makeup artist earlier in the are the final 9 tips that will definitely make sure that you leave no stone unturned when planning with your wedding day makeup artist. But first, take a few seconds to see some beautiful wedding day makeup pictures from Leslie Roark and Erica Stawick with Green Shoes Events in Charlotte and her fabulous photographer Kristen Byrum.

8. Images. What types of pictures are going to be taken (color, film, digital, black and white)? Different types of films or styles work better with different types of makeup.

9. Hands. Do you want your hands touched up as well? Sound silly to you? Many clients want their hands to look their best if they want close-ups of their rings. Usually a light foundation or cover-up is used over the entire hand.

10. Arrival Time. Always give your artist at least 45 minutes per full face makeup (perfect for Mom’s and bridesmaids) and make sure the bride is scheduled for 90 minutes. Create an itinerary for your artist…any easy way to do this is to start with the time you’d like to depart for your wedding and work backwards based on the number of ladies getting their makeup done.

11. Theme. Are you having a themed wedding? Make sure to let your artist know so they can plan appropriately. Also, what are your wedding colors and do you want your wedding day look to incorporate those colors? Give your artist plenty of time so they can get makeup and accessories that match your vision.

12. Purchase. Do you have to pre-purchase your makeup? Some artists meet their brides for an initial consultation and give them a “must buy” list.

13. More Extra Fees. Do you have to pay extra for a touch up kit? Some artists give you a lip gloss/lipstick, lip liner and powder for touch-ups included in your “per face” price… others charge you a set fee for these items. Either way, we suggest you have one such kit in case you haven’t hired your artist for the entire evening.

14. High Definition. If you have a videographer that shoots in "high def"...make sure to tell your makeup artist. Your artist wouldn’t want to use high shimmer products or “luminescent powders” on high definition film it can make you like shiny and oily.

15. More Than Makeup. Do you need your makeup artist to do hair? Many makeup artists can do some hair, put in a veil or act as your personal assistant. Or if you are going to have both a hair stylist and makeup artist make sure you have an itinerary so that your maids or vendors aren't fighting over time.

16. Payment. Make sure that you stick to the payment schedule laid out in the makeup contract. You should pay when your artist arrives or in advance. Also, if each makeup client is paying individually it should be clear who is going to be paying the artist, it is uncomfortable for a vendor to be wandering around asking for their payment.

Mary Paige & Nick: A Quick Pic

A few months back I had the honor of meeting Mary Paige (we call her MP) and her mother while she was in town visiting from Atlanta. MP and I immediately hit it off, she is a fellow Alpha Phi (which I LOVE), a southern girl with a great style, an amazing Graphic Designer (You can thank her for my FABULOUS blog) and she is hysterically funny. I was sneaking a peak at her super cute wedding website that her and Nick created themselves when I came across a few pictures of them on a little photo shoot at their first date location. I'm going to blog more about MP in the coming weeks and the wedding services that she offers...but today, I thought I'd show a cute picture.

Now Introducing: Mary Paige and Nick
Image courtesy of Photosynthesis Studios

Wedding Day Makeup...the first 7 steps

One of the most important (if not THE most important) parts of a wedding day is making sure the bride looks the way she has always dreamed she would… And the truth is the wedding dress is only a small piece of what makes a bride feel beautiful. Her Dress, Her Veil, Her Hair, Her Shoes, Her Accessories…and finally her Makeup complete that overall look.

While recently visiting the West Coast for bit of pleasure and a bit of work I picked the brain of my amazingly talented sister-in-law and fabulous makeup artist Joanna Hubbard. Jo is known for her work in movies, in music videos and her bridal day “spoiling” that she offers her clients. After talking she gave me 15 key factors and bits of knowledge to share with your wedding day makeup artist. Here are the first 7 tips…and a few of my favorite bridal makeup images from 3 great photographers Jasmine Star, Leslie Roark and Tacolayo Photography and the great All Made Up Team .

1. Pricing. When discussing pricing with your makeup artist make sure to take into consideration a few factors that might end up costing you a bit more money.
1. Are they traveling for your wedding? 2. How many people are getting their makeup done? 3. How much do add-ons cost? Either extra clients or extra services. False eyelashes, eyes only, tattoo covering…etc.

2. Placement. Make sure to have a “makeup station” available for your artist. Preferably somewhere with natural light, a mirror, plenty of counter space and seating.

3. Portfolio. Have you seen the work of your artist? Don’t be ashamed or nervous to ask for pictures! Don’t rely on only “word of mouth” both images of their work and recommendations are helpful.

4. Timing. How long is your makeup artist going to stay during your day? Ask them if they are willing to stay for pictures after the ceremony…mascara tears running down your face are easily fixed by a talented artist.

5. Knowing what you want. Make sure to have pictures of what you like…and what you don’t like. This can be helpful as you and your artist might use different words for the same look. Your idea of natural or dramatic might be completely different than what your artist thinks is natural or dramatic. If you have a specific look in mind voice your opinion. (before the artist starts).

6. Trial Run. A trial run is always best. Take a day to try out your hair and makeup before the wedding day, this way you can make any edits that you’d like before your big day. This is not always included in the price, but is a great item to budget for.

7. Tanning & Waxing. Make sure that you finish your last tanning session (real or fake) no closer than 4 days to the big day and all facial waxing should be completed no closer than 3 days before.

Mandi & Kevin at the Chrysler

I thought I'd take a quick second to show another beautiful Chrysler wedding before I set out with my mobile offices for the west coast. I met Mandi and Kevin about 10 months ago at their restaurant TheBierGarden and we instantly hit it off! I loved the simpleness of their yellow and white wedding! The Osfolks are always a blast to be around and I look forward to continue our relationship as friends...not clients.

A shout out to our vendors...My good friend and super fun photographer Beau Womble, always amazing flowers by Debbie Pence, a sweet little cake by The Custom Cake Shoppe and of course Cuisine & Co!
Check out these event pictures in no particular order...

Mandi's Dad...and his mint condition Vintage Chevy...Yes, it's available for rent.

My Favorite Garter Removal Picture Ever...

The Entire Event Team: from left to right: Beau Womble, Debbie Pence, Merissa Pence, Mandi Osfolk, Kelly Motley, Kevin Osfolk, Rachel Paige, Missy Christianson and James Christianson


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