Antonia Christianson Events Fashion Week!

Welcome to Fashion Week at Antonia Christianson Events! There are so many awesome vendors/products in the world of weddings and fashion that I love I decided to do a little "ode to the inner fashionista" right here on our blog! 

First up: Hey Lady Shoes!!! I have to thank my client Audrey for introducing me to this great product. As many of you know I am a lover of amazing shoes...well, amazing shoes that are fabulously comfortable. I know what you're thinking...That's a complete Oxymoron! But it's not. You can definitely have beautiful shoes, that make you feel sexy and are comfortable at the same time.

San Francisco based twins Emily and Jessica Leung longed for a comfortable shoe that they could dance the night away while still staying fashionable.  Their goal was to create an "anti-dyeable, actually danceable wedding shoe..." They dared to ask the question "why can't we have it all?" Feeling great and looking even better --what a truly fabulous, functional shoe should do. The twins believe in pro-choice, the choice to have a killer shoe that isn't a killer shoe. And thus the perfect pair was born. 

How cute are these?


"Princess Buttercup"

"At Tiffany's"


Check out for more information and to purchase these super fun, super comfy, super sexy shoes!

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