Workout Wednesday: Dieting Rules to Follow for Fitness Success

I always look forward to hear what Adam has to say week to week... And he is just as great of a coach in person as he is on our blog! I love that he is willing to share his expertice with us! Now for this week's tips:

Plan, Prepare & Enjoy Often

Rule # 1 - Plan
Plan your menu and shopping list first. Plan each of your meals for the week. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Make a shopping list for the grocery store. When you stick to a list it's not so hard to say no to the Ho-Ho's and Ding Dong's. Make sure to include protein and vegetables in each meal. There shouldn't be any wiggle room when it comes to these two food items. Protein slows digestion, helps control blood sugar levels, controls appetite and your body burns more calories breaking it down than other nutrients. Go for: chicken, fish, lean beef (93/7 or leaner), low-fat cheeses and protein shakes.

Vegetables - Your Mom was right about this one. They are really good for you and here is why. Veggies are high in fiber, slow digestion (meaning your body has time to properly use and store the good stuff), helps control blood sugars and has tons of those ever-so popular Anti-Oxidants. They will keep you feeling younger, faster, smarter and better looking for a long time. So eat them!

Rule # 2 - Prepare
This one is simple and straight forward. Prepare what you bought at the store. Take the foods from your list and make the meals you already have planned. It's simple. Store your meals in cheap Tupperware containers so you can grab them and go. Once your food is made you have no reason not to eat it. It's healthy and less expensive. See, simple and straight forward.

Rule # 3 - Enjoy Often
It's a widely known fact that is rarely followed in the United States. Eating every 3-4 hours benefits you and your metabolism. Why you ask? It helps raise your metabolism, regulates appetite so your are not tempted by Drive-Thru food or the cupcakes at work. When you go more than 3-4 hours between meals (feeding opportunities) your body will start to think it is starving. When this happens your body goes in survival mode. In survival mode your body conserves calories meaning your are not burning them. Without burning calories you will not lose weight. Also, if your meals get too spread apart, then next time you eat, your body will go crazy storing everything. Now I am sure you know where that leads you. You got it. Weight Gain, and what bride do you know that wants that?

So remember these 3 Rules. Plan, Prepare and Enjoy Often.

Adam and Jenn Pismeny are certified personal trainers in Virginia Beach and owners of Virginia Beach Adventure Boot Camp for Women. They specialize in helping women of all Ages, Sizes and Abilities transform their bodies and improve their lives with the only year round Women's Exclusive Boot Camp. For more information on their Women's exclusive fitness programs, go to or call them at 757-752-8663.

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