Fashion Week: Hair Accessories!

What is as important (if not more important) then your bridal shoes, jewelry and garter? Your hair!

You can laugh, but I’ve had clients crying that their entire day would be ruined if their hair didn't look just right. (i'm not kidding)...I've had clients refuse to walk down the aisle until her hair accessories are “just so." I've had clients pay hundreds (upon hundreds) of dollars for their wedding "do's"...and even more money for their bridal hair accessories. What kind of hair accessory are we talking about?? The traditional headband, with a TWIST!

This everyday old school accessory is definitely making its way back into the fashion world. Don't be confused that today's headbands are anything like those from the past. You know, the ones that were padded, big and bulky. Today's bridal headbands are scrumptious, sleek, sexy!

Are you sold? Do you want to know where to get a hip, stylish, headband for your wedding day? Or do you love the idea of a sassy headband but you'd like to have one that's less formal and more available to wear for everyday use...Well look no further, check out! The fashion forward accessory site that is brought to you by L.A. Stylists Jen & Jamie!

Here's what they are all about:
No. 60 $95.00

No. 101 $165.00
We love this one! Taylor Swift just wore it in "In Touch"

This headband is called the "s" for $35.00
Not perfect for a wedding...but definitely perfect for a sweet Valentines Date

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