Color Combo: Green/Pink/White

I love this traditional color palette with a modern twist...
Mossy Greens and light blushy pinks have always been a favorite of mine because of it's timeless elegance. Add a funky patterned chair (via upholstery or lighting scheme) with a turn of the century accent piece in white and you definitely have an event to talk about. Light and dark pink flowers make for a romantic bouquet with a bit of whimsy...add a classic white gown and this event is as timeless as weddings can get.
Want something traditional yet modern? Add funky jewelry and a fun shoe to real show your "unique to you" style while still keeping with that traditional gown that is sure to make even your grandmother happy.

Photo credit: Jen Curtis

Respect Your Bridal Party...

One of the most important and stressful parts of planning a wedding is not picking a date, a venue or even a's picking that group of ladies that will stand next to you on the most important day of your life to date. We understand the stress that comes along with this task and the emotions involved...but please (PLEASE) don't give "important jobs" to your friends that you yourself wouldn't want to do.

Here is where the problem comes into play: you have "too many girls" that you feel obligated to invite as part of your wedding party...but your groom is set that he is only going to have his 4 best friends as his groomsmen. Which means you now have to cut your bridal down by 5-7 people (what? that's a realistic amount, right?)Then you make the ever so wise decision to add 4 hostesses, 1 mistress of ceremonies, 1 program passer-outter and a guest book attendant.

Here is the problem, your "non-bridesmaid" friends know they are "second best" and didn't "make the bridesmaids cut" and don't want to insult you by saying "no"...but trust me, they'd like to pass on this great opportunity. If you'd like to honor these ladies, don't have them setting up your centerpieces and telling guests where to sit...Instead, honor your friends...with a handwritten note telling them how much they mean to you, flowers at your ceremony/reception in their honor, or a special note in your program. Something unexpected is better than "second best"...

Think About It.

Image Courtesy of Keith Cephus Photography.

A quick Preview: Erin & Trip

Imagine...the hottest day of the year, a beautiful couple, and 2 great photographers. Do you know what you get? A steaming hot engagement session that ironically started at the "Smokehouse Cooler" in Virginia Beach.

Check out one sneak peak picture of the beautiful Erin & Trip. They are getting married at the end of the month at the Contemporary Art Center of VA...

This shot is from Trey Tesoro with James Christianson Photography.

Cass & Jason: Embracing the Beach Lifestyle

I could go on and on about my amazing clients, their great ideas and their hilarious personalities but Cass and Jason take the cake! Cass interviewed 6 planners before I made the cut, but thank goodness I did. She makes me laugh at every meeting and we have truly become so much more than client/planner. I am looking forward to their 3 day extravaganza (or wedding weekend) this fall. Here are a few great pictures from their recent engagement session with my good friend Scott Hayne.

Laura & Matt: A Garden Shoot

First let me say, I am BLESSED to have beautiful clients that have a great eye for amazing photographers that are able to capture love from behind the lens. Laura and Matt came to me quite some time ago to get a little help with their upcoming nuptials at Sacred Heart and The Chrysler Museum of Art. Laura and I hit it off immediately, we sat and talked for hours and realized that she knew my husband and they had actually worked together for quite some time a few (or many) years ago. I was excited to hear that this gorgeous couple had picked a photographer that I have been dying to work with: Sam Hughes. Check out a few of their engagement pictures below to see why we were so excited to work with both our clients and this great photographer:

True Love Tuesday! Meg & Jon Tie the Knot

I have known Meg (and her amazing family) since 2000... And over the years she has become like a sister to me. When she and Jon decided to get married a few years ago I knew that their love was one that we did not have to question. They both have been at the most important events in my adult life; college graduation, my marriage, the birth of both of my children and every random holiday, birthday party and life's treasures with I was more than honored to be at the "first event" of their adult life...their much anticipated wedding.

Their love is seriously unmatched...


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