I can't believe it...

I saw this video on the Polka Dot Bride blog...she is a planner that I follow from Australia. The video is crazy to say the least:

Precious & Jovan

I had the pleasure of working with Precious and Jovan Barajic a few weeks back and recently received some photos of their big day. I first met Precious and 2 of her bridesmaids quite a few months ago and instantly loved her sense of humor and love for Jovan.

The Barajic's were married in a small ceremony quite some time ago and wanted to have a "Wedding & Reception" so their families could get together and celebrate their love. Their families could not be any more different...yet so much the same. All with a great sense of family, of humor and of love for their children joining their two diverse worlds.

I had the pleasure of working with Debbie Pence (my favorite florist), Wade Studios and one of my assistants Scotti-Jean (who by the way is a natural).

Mike Wade sent me a few of his favorite images:

Upcoming Posts...

I have been really working hard on getting all of my ducks in a row with my upcoming exit from the corporate world (HOLY MOLY)...I know I know, most of you are saying "it's about time!" and quite frankly, IT IS! Or many of you are saying, we didn't know that Missy had a corporate job...and that's the way I like. I work hard to keep both lives separate...and for the most part I think I do a great job on top of being a mom (x2)...a wife...and I help my hubby run his photography business as well...

Anyways, I'm rambling... Part of my departure will be the ability for me to blog on things that truly excite me, things that I have been researching and working on for quiet some time....you know, more than just on our fabulous clients. I mentioned a few weeks back that I would be blogging every Monday with "Monday Morning Meetings"...with vendors of course. I will also be adding Wedding Wednesdays, which will include details I love that are often forgotten, inexpensive ideas and of course anything I feel will fit into the "wedding category"...and finally, Fridays will be "Fashionable Fridays"...which is pretty much self explanatory. My blog repertoire is slowly but surely growing.

Keep checking out our blog to see what other exciting things I have in the works for my upcoming submersion into working full time in my studio...as if I don't work full time with both jobs now.

Here are some pictures that are starting to excite me...I couldn't wait to their respective blog day:

Check out :www.BellissimaBridalShoes.com and www.tigerlillyjewelry.com

Great Compliment!

There is nothing better than receiving compliments on your work as a planner...or any work for that matter. The below email is from a very fun and relaxed MOB Val...Her daughter Stephanie got married a few weeks ago...Thanks Val! We had a blast and can't wait for Christy's big day! Here is just a snipit of her sweet letter!

"...I wanted to take a minute to say "Thank You" for all you did to insure that Stephanie's Wedding Day was everything she ever wanted....and more! I sincerely appreciate everything you to did to keep up organized and on track, and for relieving me of "the details" so Ray and I could enjoy the day as well.
Our best wishes to you for continued success! ..."

Stephanie and Mike

We were at the fabulous Lesner Inn last night for the wedding of Stephanie and Mike. While the weather was cold and windy (to say the least) this event went off without a hitch...Kate and Tracy from the Lesner Inn made sure that the food and back of the house ran smoothly while we took care of everything out front. The decor was an awesome "Autumn Theme" with pumpkins, mums and a fun candy bar. Jay from Astro kept the night moving along smoothly...and the food was "Oh SO YUMMY!"...

The flowers were simple and pretty by "Flowers by Baxter". I think the final touch was the great "Apple and Spice" flavored wedding cake. I have posted some amatuer...very amatuer...pictures from my camera and I am looking forward to getting some great shots from their photographer soon.

I look forward to planning the brides sister (and my sorority sister) Christy's wedding in the near future! aoe Christy!

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Langevin:

A table shot...simple but elegant: Their pretty (and yummy )cake: The autumn themed candy bar stocked with great candy and cute terracota pots. A definite hit!

My sorority sisters: Nicole, Kerri and Christy. Nicole, we can't wait to plan your big day next September!


As many of you know I am far from technically savvy...but I really do enjoy stalking my fellow wedding professionals, clients, friends...etc. With that said...I'm going to try my hand at a cool little invention called twitter.

Incase you live under a rock (like I did until the last few weeks) twitter is a website that allows you to log your day...or the things you do throughout the day through texting, instant messaging or logging into the twitter.com site. I can then write a short message about what i'm doing...which is super cool on event day. It's almost like a football play by play.

So, I guess what i'm saying is you now can follow me throughout the day to see why I am always on the run...

Wedding Craziness...

Next weekend officially finishes off a crazy wedding season...and we are ending it with a bang! It's always great to have 2 big weddings in a weekend before we transition into Holiday Party Craziness.

Saturday evening is our event that is near and dear to my heart...Our Bride Stephanie is the sister to my college suitemate and sorority sister Christy. Stephanie and Mike are a great couple and care more about walking down the aisle and becoming "man and wife" than anything else. Look out for details and photos to follow.

Sunday evening is Hannah and Stefan! Hannah is a spitfire from LA and Stefan is a laid back soon to be firefighter....they met while Stefan was working at Regent University as a Government Department Recruiter and she was looking for somewhere to get her masters...fate happend and now the wedding is here. I have had a blast planning Hannah's wedding while she was interning in New Jersey all summer, you really get to know someone while planning a wedding over a cell phone. I can't wait to see her in her beautiful gown as we dance the night away with his ethnic family! Much fun is sure to be had! And for once...I get to work with my hubby James.

All this on top of a client visit from Chicago! Check back soon for updates...

I'll be a better blogger...I promise!

In an attempt to become a better blogger I am going to start a series of Weekly Posts...

Mondays are going to start with "Monday Morning Meetings"...with Hampton Roads Vendors that is. I am going to interview vendors from all kinds of different service industries and blog about their services, their pet peeves...and what gets them excited...There is nothing worse then planning mundane event after mundane event...

Keep an eye out. And as always, if there is something that you would like to see just let us know...and we will blog away!


Susan G Komen: Pink Martini Night

So...Little known fact about me. I'm a philanthropist...through and through. Since my pre-teen years I have always been into helping those who deserve help and fighting my all for those who need fought for. Whether I donated every weekend as a teen to the "Challenger League of Virginia", my college years to my beloved sorority Alpha Phi and Cardiac Care for Women or my absolute love of "SAVING THE TATA's"...and the Susan G Komen Foundation. These charities pull at my "heart strings" as Oprah would say.

I had the absolute honor of co-chairing the 3rd Annual "Pink Martini Night" at Kincaids in Norfolk with a committee of about 20 of the most amazing women you will ever meet. Here is the background...A phenomenal woman by the name of Kim Ripley Adams started this event after her own battle with breast cancer...3 years later and about $80,000.00 this event is thriving. This year's Martini night was more important than ever. After another bought of cancer Kim lost her fight mere weeks before the event...leaving behind a beautiful daughter and husband. As a mother myself I have vowed to never stop fighting for what Kim believed in. All of the women on my committee, including my great friend and co-chair Robin were friends and supporters to Kim throughout her entire battle. I never had the honor of meeting Kim, but I feel tied to her through the Komen foundation in spirit and I am honored to try to keep her legacy living.

The 2008 Pink Martini Night got great media coverage, sold out 500 tickets and raised approximately $40,000.00. Our committee is already coming up with how to make next years event even bigger and even better.

It is not often that I get to work with my husband but he did take some amazing pictures (as always). If you would like to check out more pictures from the entire event go to:
1). http://www.jameschristiansonphotography.com/
2). go to the client proofing section
3). login: pink martini
4). password: norfolk

Tell us what you think...and become a philanthropist. No matter how busy you are, there is something that everyone believes in.My best "mommy friend" Stephanie selling our balloons...our fastest money maker of the night.
Beautiful flowers donated by "Fluttering Flowers."

My Mom, My Stephanie and Myself.
The Committee and MC Keri Furey
Of course we served...Pink Martini's...


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