Wedding Invitation Etiquette: Part 2

A few weeks back we posted a blog about wedding invitation etiquette and I left it kind of open ended. I could go on for DAYS (week’s maybe) about wedding etiquette in general…but since we are in the height of Virginia Wedding Season I thought I’d give you a few more tips on how to be as proper as possible whether you are sending out the invitation or receiving it.

1. If addressing something with a married couple you always put the ladies name first… This is a great tip for any kind of invitation. You should never separate a man from his last name.
Ex. Antonia & James Christianson

2. If you are the one receiving the invitation…Please Remember to RSVP! If you do not RSVP it is assumed that you will not be in attendance but is still considered very rude. So that you do not forget when the RSVP cards are due simply fill out the card and send it as soon as you receive it.

3. If you are the one sending out the invitation do not forget to have a return address on the RSVP card and have postage already on the envelope or ever popular post card response.

4. Be mindful of all of the parties involved when picking wording for your wedding day stationery…
     There are many factors to think about: Who is paying for the festivities? Are there any deceased parents that you would like to include? Are there any sets of divorced parents? Do you want to only have the name of the bride and groom (used for when the couple is hosting the wedding)?
     There are many great resources online, at your local book store, stationery store and of course your wedding professionals that can help make sure you are choosing the write wording for your situation.

5. Make sure to explain what type of reception you will be hosting to follow your wedding ceremony. Cocktail Reception? Light Hor d'oeuvres? Dinner & Dancing? Dessert Reception?
     This will help your guests when picking their attire, knowing whether or not they should eat before the big event and will even help determine if it is appropriate to bring kids (yep, even if they were invited).

Here is the key…be mindful for your guests and be mindful as a guest. Think about the guests involved, the parties footing the bill and invitations that you have received in the past that you thought were really well put together. There are too many resources (yes, free ones) to not do a bit of research before sending out your wedding invitations. After all…invites can set the mode for the entire event.

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