Invitation Etiquette...Part 1

Tis’ Wedding Season in Hampton Roads and I have received quite a few invites that are not following proper etiquette….So I thought I’d give a bit of insight and help future brides in the process.
1. Please send out your wedding invitations 6-8 weeks before the wedding and give your guests AMPLE time to RSVP.
2. Send each guest the same invitation...they will talk and you don't want anyone thinking they are on the "B" list.
3. Do not "pre-write" in the total number of guests on the RSVP card.
If you only want 3 guests to come, write 3 names clearly on the invitations...Do not write "3" in the space on your RSVP card for your guest to send back to you.
4. If sending out a wedding invitation do not include where you are registered at inside the invitations…That information is for your shower invitations or engagement parties.
5. Do Clearly Address your invitations with who is invited.
1. The Outer Envelope on the invitation is for proper names (and everything should be written in full...except for social titles "Mr., Mrs., Dr., Sr., etc):
Mr. & Mrs. James Christianson
1234 Elm Avenue
Virginia Beach, Virginia 234522. The Inner Envelope should have the names of all guests that are invited to the event. If there are more people invited to the wedding than just the names put on the outer envelope it is proper to write their full names if they know them.
Mr. & Mrs. James Christianson
Sally Christianson
Jimmy Christianson
3. If there is both an inner and outer envelope it is not proper to write “and guest” on the outer envelope.
Outer: Mrs. Antonia Christianson
Inner: Mrs. Antonia Christianson and Guest

4.If there is only one envelope you can write and guest.
Mrs. Antonia Christianson and Guest

Follow these few tips and you are sure to not offend anyone during the invitation process....check back tomorrow for more wedding etiquette...

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