Really? No More Modern Bride?!?

Sad But True...Conde Naste has decided to pull the plug on not 1 but 2 fabulous wedding magazines. I know you are thinking that there is plenty of content online to plan your wedding without having to purchase a single bridal magazine, but let's be real: These magazines are a household name and brides for decades (upon decades, upon decades, upon decades) have been using these magazines as "THE" source for inspiration. And I feel there is something magical about that idea. The idea that millions of brides have flipped through these same magazines feeling exactly the same way that you do today...Giddy, In Love, Inspired (I Could go on forever). I have so many clients and friends that purchase these magazines years before their engagement to plan their "someday" wedding to "prince charming"..they have binders and folders of ripped out "must have" items that they never would have thought about themselves without the nudge of fabulous bridal magazines.

Now if this is stressing you out as much as it is me...I thought I'd show you a few fabulous bridal magazines that don't look like they are going anywhere in the near future.

If you are looking for breath-taking inspirations...traditional ideas with a modern twist...or just beautiful weddings go to your local book retailer and purchase some of the above magazines...let's make sure these magazines stay around for decades and decades and decades to come.

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