Katie & Enver...The Chrysler

I love simple elegance,  A beautiful gown and timeless beauty. I love clients that are truly in love, have their own vision and enjoy the company of their loved ones... I love Katie and Enver.

Katie and Enver are far from traditionalists, they knew what they wanted and their taste is IMPECCABLE...I really enjoyed every detail from her beautiful bridal gown to her Priscilla of Boston bridesmaids dresses... to her organic feeling kings tables and her first dance song.

What did I love most about this event? The email that Enver sent to Taylor Haycox (their super fun DJ) that requested a song from "They Might Be Giants" to play during their reception. I remember driving across the country when I was a young child and my older sister listening to that tape over and over again. It was so random and fun... It was a definite request I don't think I'll ever forget.

A few people that made this event awesome: Cuisine & Company, Stephanie Greeves and her DELICIOUS CAKE!, Taylor Haycox, Vince Zentner and his whimsical harp playing (I get goosebumps everytime I hear him play), Patrice and Bloom the Art of Flowers...of course Kelly Lee for these beautiful pictures!

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