Wedding Wednesday: Colleague Etiquette

I received an email from one of my great spring 2009 clients last week and I thought it was the perfect topic for my "Wedding Wednesday" blog series. since I receive a question about inviting guests with dates from almost every one of my clients:

"I have a situation I am a little unsure about. I want to know the appropriate way to handle inviting coworkers and bosses to wedding. I have limited space and honestly I want to invite a few of my coworkers but I do not have much space. Is there a way to invite only my coworkers and not their spouses? Is that completely tacky?"

AC: It is improper to invite guests to your wedding that you know are married without a spouse. It is a different situation if your co-worker (or friend) is merely dating someone. You also do not need to feel an obligation to invite everyone you work with…You should invite the people you are closest to and their spouses. If anyone asks you where their invitation is…or why they were not invited you can simply explain your limited budget and guest capacity.

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