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I personally fell in love with the work of this weeks vendor through my husband James...He was checking out a local photographers blog and I fell in love. I thought I knew or knew of most great photographers in Hampton Roads...but apparently I was missing one. Scott Hayne! I have blogged some of Scott's amazing photos in the past week and you will definitely be seeing many many more great images from him in the coming weeks and months.

It is important to point out that "Scott Hayne" is really 3 factors...Scott (the visionary pro), Adina (the lady behind the scenes) and his beautiful clients...because trust me, we all know that a photographer is nothing without a beautiful subject.

You will rarely (if ever) see Scott at photo shoot without his wife and business partner Adina. She is the grand communicator, the holder of the flash, the album creator, the office manager...and Scott's 2nd set of hands and 2nd set of eyes. My husband and I had the amazing opportunity to be on the other side of the camera with Scott and Adina and it was a fabulous opportunity...

Check out this question and answer session with the great Scott Hayne:
AC: How did your love of photography begin?SH:I discovered in 2001 when I bought my first digital camera that I was seeing things a little different than traditional ways. I think God gave me wide angle eye that saw more than just the object that I was focusing on. Instead, I really paid attention to the surroundings that the object was in. Knowing that I was able to capture different perspectives of what could be a mundane scene jump started my career. From that moment on I was excited to throw my sometimes unusual view into my photography.

AC:What is the biggest trend you are seeing in the world of Wedding Photography today?SH:Volume photography unfortunately. I pride myself in accepting a select few weddings each year which allows me to focus on the client relationship and the artistry that is involved in my work. Many studios are changing their business model to produce huge volumes of "cookie-cutter" weddings with cheap prices and sub-standard work. I pride myself in providing a unique look and a true artistic flair to each of my weddings.

AC:What is your favorite moment to capture on a wedding day?
SH:We like to set aside a private meeting where the groom first sees the bride before the ceremony. This meeting results in a true real moment where the couple can express their joy, love and sometimes awe that we are able to document from a distance. If the couple does not want to see each other before the ceremony then my favorite moment(s) are during the private shoot after the ceremony where I am able to flex a little creative muscle. During this time the couple can relax a bit, have fun and just be real for 30 minutes or so and forget the stress of the day.

AC:What would you consider your style of photography?SH:Hmmm. I'll let people decide on what my style is. Some words people have used to describe my look are - emotional, real, colorful, dramatic, different. I haven't figured out one word to call it yet. Got one?

AC:What advice would you give a bride and groom when they are trying to pick a photographer for their wedding day?SH:Find one that you click with. Find one that uses a style that you like. There are lots of great photographers out there but each has their own unique look. Does it match what you like? Could you see yourself just hanging out with him or her outside of business? Whomever you choose make sure you spend some time with them on your wedding day where they can really show off what you hired them for. Would you hire Wolfgang Puck to cook your dinner and give him 5 minutes and a bowl of oatmeal? Just give us the time and we can create some amazing and memorable images!

Below are some of Scott & Adina's favorite client images...let us know what you think:

Check him out for yourself...

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