Wedding Craziness...

Next weekend officially finishes off a crazy wedding season...and we are ending it with a bang! It's always great to have 2 big weddings in a weekend before we transition into Holiday Party Craziness.

Saturday evening is our event that is near and dear to my heart...Our Bride Stephanie is the sister to my college suitemate and sorority sister Christy. Stephanie and Mike are a great couple and care more about walking down the aisle and becoming "man and wife" than anything else. Look out for details and photos to follow.

Sunday evening is Hannah and Stefan! Hannah is a spitfire from LA and Stefan is a laid back soon to be firefighter....they met while Stefan was working at Regent University as a Government Department Recruiter and she was looking for somewhere to get her masters...fate happend and now the wedding is here. I have had a blast planning Hannah's wedding while she was interning in New Jersey all summer, you really get to know someone while planning a wedding over a cell phone. I can't wait to see her in her beautiful gown as we dance the night away with his ethnic family! Much fun is sure to be had! And for once...I get to work with my hubby James.

All this on top of a client visit from Chicago! Check back soon for updates...

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