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I have been really working hard on getting all of my ducks in a row with my upcoming exit from the corporate world (HOLY MOLY)...I know I know, most of you are saying "it's about time!" and quite frankly, IT IS! Or many of you are saying, we didn't know that Missy had a corporate job...and that's the way I like. I work hard to keep both lives separate...and for the most part I think I do a great job on top of being a mom (x2)...a wife...and I help my hubby run his photography business as well...

Anyways, I'm rambling... Part of my departure will be the ability for me to blog on things that truly excite me, things that I have been researching and working on for quiet some time....you know, more than just on our fabulous clients. I mentioned a few weeks back that I would be blogging every Monday with "Monday Morning Meetings"...with vendors of course. I will also be adding Wedding Wednesdays, which will include details I love that are often forgotten, inexpensive ideas and of course anything I feel will fit into the "wedding category"...and finally, Fridays will be "Fashionable Fridays"...which is pretty much self explanatory. My blog repertoire is slowly but surely growing.

Keep checking out our blog to see what other exciting things I have in the works for my upcoming submersion into working full time in my studio...as if I don't work full time with both jobs now.

Here are some pictures that are starting to excite me...I couldn't wait to their respective blog day:

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