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A friend introduced Team ACE to the amazing women of Waterford Event Rentals in middle of last year's wedding season. We have been hooked ever since! We love their customer service, quality of product and their attiention to detail. If you are looking for a good linen rental, Waterford is a great place to start! Meet Waterford Event Rentals:

Owners Hollie and Alyse photo courtesy of Waterford Rentals
Tell us about your business!
Waterford Event Rentals specializes in chair covers, sashes, table runners, table cloths, overlays, napkins, and more! We offer fresh new ideas to enhance the overall "look" of your event. We carry over 80 different colors and many different fabrics. Don't see the color you're looking for? No worries...we special order!

What kind of packages do you offer?
Waterford Event Rentals is a full service linen provider. This means that in addition to high quality linens at affordable prices, you also have the opportunity for our staff to set up your event. No matter how big or small, Waterford Event Rentals can relieve your stress by taking care of not only the product, but the service as well!

How do you make your work unique from other vendors?
Waterford Event Rentals is unique because we spend a great deal of time getting to know our clients. We find it very important to understand the style of our clients in order to suggest the right linens for their event. We enjoy working together to arrive to a conclusion that is sure to impress others.

What advice would you give couples who are in search of nice linens?
If we were to give couples advice about searching for nice linens, it would be to do your research! There are a lot of different types of materials out there and some that are definitely better than others. If you come across a price that is "too good to be true," it probably is. Be selective when it comes to choosing linens! Also, don't be afraid to mix colors and fabrics. Too many people think everything needs to match...this is NOT true! Have fun with your linens...put different shades and textures together to achieve a unique look.

What has been your most favorite moment while in the wedding industry?
We don't think there was one particular moment, rather a series of events that resulted in excitement. Waterford Event Rentals is a fairly new company that gained experience in the wedding industry quite quickly. The rapid rate of success has been attributed to wedding planners, such as Antonia Christianson Events, and venues that believed in our products and services from day one. We think the day we realized Waterford Event Rentals was going to be a huge success was an extraordinary moment for both of us. As recent college graduates, this is truly a dream come true.

See some of Waterford Rental's work below: (all photos courtesy of Waterford Event Rentals)

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Victoria Mische said...

So many lovely wedding reception inspirations! But what I did love the most is the black and white idea. I usually love damask tablecloths in a wedding co'z this is the piece of cloth I really enjoy a lot because of its extra sophistication and modern looks.


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