Something Savy Saturday: The Appy Couple

Yesterday, our office team stumbled upon this fantastic new wedding application for smart phones called Appy Couple. Appy Couple is like creating a website for your wedding, but better! All of you bridal party, family, and friends, can download the app and receive updates on planning, pre wedding parties and such without all the hassle of group emails. You can include your engagement story, update pictures, and your app is also website accessible for those friends and family without smart phones. 

You can design your app with the same colors and theme of your wedding- with 100 designs ranging from $49 to $200. They have been feature in The New York Times as well as The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital

You can check out their site at HERE!

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Anonymous said...

We are glad you found us. Thanks for the post!

The Appy Team


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