Free Tip Friday

It's Friday and here is our Free Tip for the day! When picking a song for your wedding- read ALL of the lyrics first. I know this sounds crazy but meeting with a fun client today reminded us how great of a tip this is!

Often times, our clients will pick a song with a title that at first seems to be a perfect fit. However, upon reading the lyrics they decide otherwise.

Here is a perfect example:

Example: "Lips of an Angel"

Well, my girls in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you
I guess we never really moved on
It's really good to hear your voice saying my name it sounds so sweet
Coming from the lips of an angel
Hearing those words it makes me weak

And I never wanna say goodbye

But girl you make it hard to be faithful 
With the lips of an angel

** Its probably not best to dance to a song about being cheating on your spouse on your wedding day. Food for thought. 

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