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Ahhh...Cinema! Here's the funny thing about wedding videography or cinematography...It's kind of a big deal! Throughout our years of business we have seem many peaks and valley's in terms of wedding videos. The video trend used to be really big and then it kind of went into extinction (probably because the amount of "stereotypes around cheesy wedding videographers and their more cheesy product")...but now thanks to companies like Jeremy Mitchell Cinema who take a backseat approach to creating a truly gorgeous product we are glad to say the trend is back and in full swing ( is going no where soon!) 

Ladies of Gentlemen: Meet Jeremy Mitchell! 

Image Copyright: Justin and Mary (who the way i can't wait to work with at special wedding celebration October 2013!) 
How did Jeremy Mitchell Cinema get started?
Jeremy Mitchell Cinema got started in an odd series of coincidental events that just happened to work out. I used to film and edit skateboarding videos back in high school and my first few years in college. Nothing I ever really took seriously. As I slowly got out of it and focused on my career and in that timeframe I made friends with my partner Nick Godsell. He was working at the mall with a friend of mine and we had in common a huge love for music. Fast forward a decade later and my girlfriend (now wife) Ashley is having me tag along with her to help photograph weddings. At the same time Nick had been videoing his world travels for fun. I somehow got the notion to shoot weddings but with utilizing my film background and called upon Nick and the dynamic just worked!

How do you describe your style?
As far as style would go I would best describe it as honest. We shoot the day as it happens, with as little directing as possible. As lame as it sounds we capture the moments as they happen and won't interfere unless absolutely necessary. We also try to capture all the details and style of the day, almost from a photographer viewpoint. 

What is your favorite thing about videoing a wedding? 
If I had to pinpoint my favorite thing about shooting a wedding it would just be being involved in the insane amount of fun that is happening that day. A wedding is the best day of two peoples lives and I love that we get to share that and call it a "job." I mean seriously, have you ever met anyone that does't think weddings are an awesome time?

What is your biggest advice of couples looking for a wedding videographer?
The best advice I can give to a couple looking for a videographer is to make sure that they like the videographer(s) as people as well as the product they produce. A wedding is an intimate affair and you're really allowing the videographer into your lives so you should be able to trust them and enjoy the experience. There's so many people and studios out there that can make a great product but you should be able to enjoy yourself and your time with them throughout the whole process.

Here's a link to film I rather love. Also, I heard the planner of this one was pretty alright!

Jesse and Brandon from jeremy mitchell on Vimeo.

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