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I am a believer! (well sometimes!). I am the first to tell you that I do not recommend friends or loved ones working on your wedding day...Unless of course, they do the task at hand in their "professional life!". I have a million and one horror stories I can tell you...but thankfully, this story is not one of them. Last year, I had the blessing of planning the wedding celebrations for the Doucette Sisters. Both girls I have come to know and love, but both also brought new photographers into the forefront of my mind. The photographer I am going to share with you today is Dustin Lewis. He is an acquaintance of Jesse (the second sister to get married) and a fabulous photographer. I knew of his work before the wedding but wasn't sold when Jesse and Brandon told me that their friend was shooting the wedding. Thank goodness I bit my tongue because I absolutely ADORED their wedding images. Dustin is definitely making a name for himself in the wedding world. Here is a little Q&A Dustin answered for us:

How did you get started?
As a visually motivated person photography has always allowed me to express my artistic vision by providing lasting images for clients. In 2004 I received formal training and earned a commercial photography degree from the Visual Arts Center in Portsmouth, Virginia. The knowledge I gained through my college courses helped me refine my photography skills as well as prepare myself for entering the small business world. I have had my business license in the City of Virginia Beach since 2005. Currently I shoot 25-30 weddings a year regionally and I also maintain several commercial client accounts. 

What is your favorite moment to capture at a wedding?
I love using my images to document the entire flow of the day, from the nervous anticipation, through the ceremony and reception, finishing with the send off. If I had to pick one moment, it would have to be the short period of time following the ceremony that I usually get to spend alone with the newlyweds. I feel truly honored to be part of such a special moment where the couple has their first chance to share some private time as a married couple. The raw emotions they display create compelling and emotional images.

What is your style of photography?
My style is best described as a mix of classic portraiture and candid moments that capture the unique spirit of weddings. I use my photojournalistic background to tell stories and create timeless memories. My commercial photography experience allows me to provide extreme attention to all details.

What are some words of advice for couples seeking a photographer? !!!! (Kidding!)

I recommend that couples take time to do the research when hiring a photographer and make sure that they are comfortable and mesh with the photographer's style and personality. I always prefer to meet each couple in person prior to booking in order to discuss the details of their wedding day and more importantly hear the story of how they met as well as the proposal.  I then use my creativity to showcase each couples personality in their engagement sessions.
Oh and lastly, please make sure the photographer is passionate about their work and takes pride in what they do. Trust me, you will thank yourself when you have beautiful images to cherish for years to come.

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