Wedding Wednesday: A Few Details

The other day I mentioned that my mom is getting married this Spring, and that details would be coming.  The first element I want to share is the theme we have chosen for her wedding.  As this marriage is the blending of two family trees, we thought a tree/wood theme would be a great representation of this event.  This look lends itself to the casual affair they are looking for, and it suits the venue perfectly.  Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the look we are going for:

Branch Invitation, Birch Candle Holder, Wooden Place Holders


MDubs said...

Missy I'm incorporating the same thing into mine! Great minds think alike :) You are fabulous!

MDubs said...

Meee toooo (for my wedding), great minds think alike! You are fabulous and I love this blog and following your work. :)


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