Wedding Wednesday: Eastern Shore Virginia Wedding Details

A few weeks ago we announced my moms wedding...and each week we have been sharing a few little details about her big day. Today, we are sharing dress inspiration. I can tell you who her designer is and even share a few images of the vibe we are going for...but definitely no pictures of the real dress!

My mom has literally put all of the planning into my hands. Including the dress...but here are the details that I was looking for when picking the perfect dress for my mom:
1. It had to be flexible.

2. It had to flow.
3. It had to be comfortable.

I loved the Fluttering Sleeves of this dress:
Mon Cheri Bridal: Mon Cheri Wedding Dress 19232S

I loved the length of this dress:

tea length wedding dresses 2
Anne Barge
 I loved the comfort in this dress:
Principessa gown
J. Crew Wedding Gown Principessa
Now...Drum Roll: I chose an Alisa Benay gown for my mom. I loved it for a few reasons...First, Alisa is amazing and I have loved her work for a long time (you can see another post we wrote on her last year here). Next, she let us customize my moms dress 100%. Finally, she isn't a designer that a lot of our local clients use as she is more of a boutique designer from Colorado. I loved that my Mom wouldn't have the same dress that everyone else has.

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