Two Fashion Finds We Love!

During the search for bridesmaid dresses it can be difficult to find a design you love in the right shade for your wedding. The Dessy Group at helps with this very dilemma. Dessy offers bridesmaid dresses and accessories, as well as other wedding fashions, in rich Pantone shades. Dessy also sells a Pantone Wedding color fan available with nearly 200 colors from the current collection. Colors are organized according to color family so it is easy to determine which shade is your favorite- not all blues are the same after all! This device is small enough to fit in your purse and can be helpful when shopping for wedding attire and coordinating colors. We keep our own color fan in office so we can help our brides synchronize flowers, stationery, etc. The Dessy Group can be a great tool in planning and coordinating the entire look of your wedding. 

When it comes to customizing your wardrobe, milk & honey is "a dream come shoe".  Milk & Honey is a unique shoe company based in Los Angeles that allows you to design your very own custom-made shoes. You can design any kind of shoe you want, but we think this is a fun way to do your bridal shoes! The website is easy to use as it guides you through the design process.  You are given choices on style, heel height, material, color, and more! Can't get the design exactly how you want it? Milk & Honey offers live chatting to assist customers and will also discuss questions over the phone.  Milk & Honey even has a great variety of ready-to-wear styles. Another great thing about this company is that they offer several non-leather products in an effort to support vegan clients. I had lots of fun designing all kinds of shoes, now go try it for yourself at!

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