A Wedding In the Family: Cape Charles, Virginia Wedding

As some of you know, and many of you don't, my mom is getting married in a few short months. It has kind of been a whirlwind experience...grasping that she is finally tying the knot to a man we have grown to know and love and also planning in the midst of another blessed wedding season in the ACE Studio. It has been a bit overwhelming to say the least, but we are very excited.

We write a series on our blog entitled: Your Mom is not a Wedding Planner...and this morning, we received a response to these blogs from my mom (which was unexepected to say the least). Over the next few weeks I'll share some details about her big day... But I want to share them with you little by little...as she has no idea what's happening. (and I kind of like it that way).

My mom in the center with Myself and my Marci. image courtesy: Trey Tesoro of Trivium Studio
Here is her post:
As many of you know, my daughter Antonia Christianson is a wedding planner. Well she wrote this wonderful blog on your “Mother is Not a Wedding Planner” So as my upcoming wedding approaches, I thought I would write this answer to her blog.

If any of you know our family background, you would know that we all worked in the family business, which was supplying food and catering supplies to many of the finest restaurants up north. So it was not that far a jump for Antonia (Missy to us) to go into the wedding planning business, after all she grew up watching this all going on.

Well it is now my time to plan my upcoming wedding. First of all, it is not easy to let someone else take over the reins. But in my infinite wisdom, Mike and I chose Spring break this year to finally get married after 5 years. So what sounded like a perfectly good idea, started to run into some glitches. First of all I work 2 jobs and Mike is back in Canada. Second of all, I have to work until the day before the wedding without a day off. So with American Express card in hand my beautiful and very organized daughter has taken over.

First of all she contacted a well known Designer to make my dress. Next knowing that we wanted everything to be simple and family oriented, she rented us a beautiful house on the bay to spend the week. There is plenty of entertaining room for the whole family, (5 children, 5 significant others and 8 grandchildren). That is besides the extended that family we also consider important and spend every family function with. Next Missy and RSVP designed lovely personal one of a kind invitations. She ordered the cake while we were having lunch, booked the DJ, arranged the menus, and visited the venue.

So all in all, my daughter “The Wedding Planner” has got it all covered.

I cannot say how proud I am of her. Without her help and love Mike and I would be able to get married as soon and to be able to share this very special day with the whole family.

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