Your Dad is not a Wedding Photographer...

Your Dad Is Not A Wedding Photographer…
I’m sure by now you are far enough into the wedding planning process that you realize the “easy way” is not always the “best way”! But I’d like to teach you about how the “easy way” is really the “I’m going to spend more money fixing the mistakes of non-professionals way”.

I often have the same conversation with almost every one of my clients. It starts something like, when I got engaged the total wedding budget in my head was really low and now that I’m planning I am beginning to understand how much weddings truly cost….and then sometimes this conversation morphs into something that sounds like nails down a chalkboard to the professional planner…something like, I think I’ll just have my mom make my floral arrangements (you know she’s a great gardener) and then maybe have my dad or brother take our pictures (they take a really great snapshot).
Sounds amazing right? WRONG!

I tell each and every one of my clients the same thing… (and if I insult your profession, I apologize in advance). The most important things at a wedding are your food and your photography. Your food because your guests might not remember any other detail that you slaved over, but if your food is cold, dry, “gross”, ordinary, etc, they will remember, and complain (sad but true!)… And your photography because all you will have to remember those little details with when everything is said and done are those images that your photographer captures.

Now let’s get real…I’m going to explain just a few very important reasons why your Dad, best friend, 2nd cousin, brother, etc, are not the best choice as your wedding photographer…unless of course, they are a professional.

1.   Let’s start with the obvious, your family is not insured. If they ruin your pictures or forget to put a memory card into their camera you are out of Luck!
2.They quite possibly could run out of memory and then the last picture they capture is you walking down the aisle. What about your vows, your first kiss, your cake cutting, toasts, exit, etc.
What if, what if, what if?  
3.They also will probably not have the event knowledge to know that all of those memory cards have to be backed up. Immediately.
4. Uncle Bobby, may take a great snapshot but probably won’t have the knowledge to shoot when that sunset ceremony turns into a sea of darkness because you got down the aisle 5 minutes late and all light is gone.
5. They will not have the professional resources to post-process, edit or even print those amazing snapshots they took of your day.
We could go on for days, literally on the positive points of hiring professionals to handle all of the “details” of your big day…If you still don’t understand, ask us and we’ll explain more. 

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