How to pick your vendors: Part 2

Next Up, Your Photographer!

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I explained earlier in the week why it’s important to educate our clients on everything weddings…in terms that non-wedding professionals can understand…just as we’d like your profession explained to us. On Monday we gave a few tips to help start the planning process through finding the perfect venue. Today, we thought we should enlighten you on a little vendor called your photographer.  We often say to clients that the two most important vendors on your wedding day are your caterer and your photographer because your guests will comment if your food is horrible, dry, bland, etc. and your photographer will give you all of those amazing images that will help you remember your fabulous event.
Here are 5 tips that you should live by when choosing your wedding photographer.

1.  Make a list of things that are important to you in terms of what product you would like from your photographer. A disc of images, engagement images, an album, reprints, etc. This way when you speak to prospective vendors you can give them a good idea of what you are looking for and they can show you packages that will best fit your needs.
      2.   Do your research and find types of images that draw your attention to them in bridal magazines, online and with friend’s wedding images. If you are more of a traditionalist don’t go with a crazy out of the box photographer….or if you are a bit more edgy don’t go with a traditional photographer that only shoots you in traditional poses with crazy flashes.
      3.  Always meet with a photographer (or any vendor) before signing a contract and booking their services. Just because you love a photographer’s image that doesn’t mean that you will mesh with their personality. Trust me, you don’t want a camera in your face for 8-10 hours if you don’t like who is standing behind it.
      4.  Don’t do your engagement sessions with someone other than your wedding photographer, if at all possible. You can learn a lot about your photographer and their style with how they shoot your engagement pictures…and they can learn a lot about how you like to be photographed, which angle you look best in and how to make you feel at ease in front of the camera. This person is going to be with you during the most intimate of moments on your wedding day, you’d feel much more comfortable if you have a relationship with them before they show up to shoot you getting ready.
      5.  Don’t settle. If you love a photographer that you feel is out of your price range…don’t settle for someone you feel is second best. Choose the smallest package possible and add on if money permits. Then at least you’ll know you will love your images and you can add albums, reprints, etc. at a later date. Many photographers in our area are even offering gift cards for their services…

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Keith said...

Missy, great information you're putting out to the brides. You've hit the nail on the head in every area. Well done my friend!!!


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