Want Calligraphy and Think you can't afford it?

Part of our job as a wedding professional is to make sure our clients can receive everything they'd like for their dream wedding in their pre-established event budget (within reason, of course). That doesn't mean it is our job to haggle contract prices down from other vendors (because there is a definite worth in the services we offer), but rather find vendors to fit into your budget. Most wedding professionals won't recommend another vendor that is way out of our clients price range in an attempt to work within a given budget... For instance,  I will never recommend a photographer that starts at $5,000.00 if I know the clients budget is $2,500.00 or a dj that starts at $2,000.00 when I know our client needs to stay under $1200.00. This thought process helps with making sure our clients start off financially on the right foot along with emotionally.

There are definite ways to stay within your budget and still book vendors that you love. There are many tricks to the trade like getting married on a friday in the "off peak season" or choosing a venue that offers many of your event needs under one roof...or finally, finding a sale. (yes, there are sales in the event world).

Here is one such sale or contest: Great Stationer and Calligraphy Artist Jennifer Gillespie from Calligraphy by Jennifer  is offering 15% off calligraphy needs to one client each week, plus free return ground shipping and 25 free thank you notes designed by Jennifer and her team. The application process is simple and you have nothing to lose, right?

So here is what to do:
*Send an email to jennscalligraphy@aol.com with your wedding date, details pertaining to your order (services needed, quantity, etc) and when you need to receive your order back.
*Then each Monday Calligraphy by Jennifer will select one random person to receive this great offer.
*Once you are notified that you are the winner they will then ask you to fill out the online contact/order form to reserve their services.
*Please note that you do not have to have your order ready at the time that you apply to win the special package price.

Here are just a few great calligraphy samples of Jennifer's work:

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