April and Jason: Another Beautiful Engagement

I always get super excited to book new clients and even more excited to guide them gracefully throughout their wedding day...but I truly look forward to seeing client engagement pictures. It is the first opportunity I have to see how clients are going to interact together, how they are going to interact with their photographer and to see what kind of chemistry they are going to start the rest of their lives with. You can tell a lot about a clients personality with the photographer they choose to capture them on their big day.

Jason and April are no different. They picked one of my personal favorites Veronica Dana Photography to capture their beautiful engagement pictures...and do you know what this says about their personality? They are a classy couple, with a bit of a traditional flare that like to laugh, A LOT! Veronica is hysterical.

I can't wait for their spring 2010 wedding. As always, Tell us what you think!

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