Melanie & Beau: A Historic Wedding at A Historic Hotel

As promised... here is my 2nd Thanksgiving Day Post. As I said previously, I am thankful for my family, good health and amazing clients. I am also thankful for my "M's": My best friends Melanie and Molly whom without I would be a complete mess. We have shared every major life journey together since college... Many Many Ups and unfortunately downs as well. They were there through the birth of my relationship with my husband James, the birth of my family, and the birth of my business... the three most formative things in my life. I am eternally grateful for Melanie and Molly.

"Years from now I won't remember every weekend night
 or the things that made us laugh 'til our stomachs hurt,
 but I will always remember that you were the ones who were with me..."

Four years ago they were with me when James and I got married...two years ago we were together for the wedding of Molly and Jeremy and this year, we were able to stand next to our Melanie as she married her beloved Beau. To say October 25th was an emotional day is an understatement. Melanie had her fair share of toads in her dating life and we were all so overjoyed that her "Prince Charming" had finally arrived.

Melanie and Beau's "Happily Ever After" started with a beautiful outdoor wedding at the Gazebo on Fort Monroe and the excitement continued with a reception full of love at the Historic Chamberlin Hotel. (a definite place for a fairytale wedding). This was a very interesting wedding as myself (1 of 2 matrons of honor), the bride's mother and the groom are all in the wedding industry...and guests included some of the most sought after wedding professionals in Hampton Roads. It was really a treat to see everyone out of a "work" setting really enjoying each other's company and celebrating the marriage of Melanie and Beau.

Melanie's Mom Debbie Pence of Fluttering Flowers created all of the floral decor, Scott Hayne Photography captured the couple beautifully and the cake was created by our good friend Stephanie of Sweet Dreams by Stephanie. Of course, my team did a fabulous job as I had only one duty that be the "Matron of Honor" (bride's orders).

What was my favorite part of the day? Walking down the aisle hand in hand with Molly as we prepared to watch our beautiful best friend become a wife. It was a priceless moment, one that I will never forget.

Here are just a few of the amazing images from the big day:

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