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We recently started a series for our blog called "Your Mom Is Not A..." (fill in the blank) with our first article called "Your Mom Is Not A Wedding Planner" and it was a great hit! It took me months and months to start this series because I really wanted to get a point across without insulting any of our readers.  I wanted brides and their mothers to understand we were coming from a place filled with support and understanding...and we wanted this series to help them understand the reality and stress that comes along with a complete "DIY" event.  Much to our surprise brides, their mothers, their sisters, their friends and even other planners loved the post. So much so that when celebrity wedding planner Sasha Souza was looking for guest bloggers we thought what better place than to publish our second post in the series on Sasha's blog... and we did!

Visit our latest post on ... "Your Mom Is Not A Florist". (unless of course, she is)

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