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We have turned our last weeks "inspiration week" into a month of great posts from inspiring professionals in the wedding world. Today, we want to introduce you to Jen Campbell, the inspiration behind Green Wedding Shoes. We have had the pleasure of meeting Jen on a few different occasions now, we have mutual friends in California, and always love running into her at local restaurants when we are visiting the west coast for business. She has always had open arms, and is very friendly- you can tell how kind and caring she is by the posts on her blog, and she is just the same in person! We read her blog daily, and always look to it for inspiration. 

Photos by: Jen Huang

We asked Jen a few questions about where she finds daily inspiration, and below are her responses: 

Often, inspiration hits when we least expect it. What is an unexpected place that you have found wedding inspiration? 
I love finding inspiration when traveling. Whether it be a different country or just a different city, there is always something new to see and experience. Those experiences lead to some great inspiration for features for the site! 

Typically there are a few popular wedding trends that we see over and over again, however, what is one wedding detail that you love, that has run "under the radar" ? 
I love sharing all the creative + unique details our couples come up with, but the one moment I love most (not sure if it's a trend!) is the first look photos. Such an amazing moment captured and it is always my favorite when putting together our real wedding features. 

When beginning to plan a wedding, it can be difficult to know where to start. What is one piece of advice you would give to a bride beginning her search for wedding inspiration? 
Well, I would recommend checking out Green Wedding Shoes! :) We have hundreds of gorgeous and inspiring real weddings to look though – all with different budgets, different amounts of details – but all full of fun + love which is what the wedding day is all about. We also have galleries that have hand picked photos of the best ceremony details, reception details, bouquets, dresses and more which you can Heart. What does that mean? Heart-ing posts is like our own private Pinterest boards - pretty cool so your family + friends won't see what wedding details you are loving and will be surprised once your wedding comes. 

Because we do find inspiration with Green Wedding Shoes, we picked out one of our favorites to share with you today! There are too many pictures to post, so you can view the entire blog post HERE.

Photos by: Jake & Necia of The Collective Photographers

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This is really a great wedding pics. The bride is so lovely and gorgeous.Thanks for the share.

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