An Engagement Story: Wendy & Jeremy

Team ACE has been excitingly preparing with Wendy and Jeremy for over a year now for their big day coming up this month. We love that Wendy is a sorority sister. Their event is going to be a classic event with a modern flare. Here's the love story from Wendy:

"What happens in Vegas...
Wendy and her friends had planned a spring break trip from James Madison University to California, but plans changed last minute, and they decided to spend the week in Las Vegas. As luck would have it, Jeremy’s Michigan State spring break plans to cruise the Caribbean were broken at the last minute, landing him and a couple of friends right in the heart of Sin City. One fateful night at Caesars Palace’s Pure Nightclub, Wendy was trying to escape an unwanted conversation with a Vegas frequenter, and spotted a tall, dark and handsome gentleman from across the bar. Wendy approached the mystery man, and thus began the love affair of Wendy and Jeremy.

Six Years in the making...
Jeremy is from Michigan. Wendy is from Virginia. Much of the first three years of their relationship was spent travelling back and forth. Jeremy ultimately made the selfless move to Washington, D.C. where thecouple currently resides.

The Proposal... 
After a long flight home from a business trip in Seattle, Wendy walked into the apartment she shared with Jeremy, fully expecting to drop her bags in the bedroom and catch up on missed DVR. Instead, she found atrail of roses that led her around the apartment and straight to Jeremy. Wendy, jet lagged and exhausted, remained clueless as to whatwas about to happen -- that is until Jeremy dropped to the floor on one knee and pulled out the most gorgeous ring she'd ever seen.

And of course she said YES!"

Photos by: Ron Lieberman

Congratulations, Wendy and Jeremy!

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