Inspiration Week: Cupcake Couture

Today Antonia Christianson Events wants to introduce you to Cupcakes Couture from the heart of Manhattan Beach, California. We always absolutely love the work that the Executive Pastry Chef, Stephanie,  and Owner, Jenine, create. Team ACE had the honor of working with them at a shoot in Paso Robles this past spring. Check them out... and be inspired! We love them and know you will too. To check out more of their work look at their blog here.

Jenine and Stephanie; Courtesy of Cupcake Couture

What was your inspiration for the creation of Cupcakes Couture?
The creation was a collaborative effort between Jenine and myself [Stephanie]. Jenine, coming from New York, moved to the South Bay and saw that there were no Cupcake shops around quite like the one she was envisioning so she decided to open one up in the heart of downtown Manhattan Beach. Having a great business background but not having pastry knowledge she hired me [Stephanie] on to help make Cupcakes Couture what it is today. Our inspiration was high end French/American with a modern twist but still able to relate to the “beachy” casual lifestyle we both love. 

Where is an unexpected place you have found inspiration for a new flavor, design, etc.?
I get inspired from everything around me! I get most of my inspiration for our cupcakes and cakes from fashion, lifestyle trends, seasonal colors, floral arrangements, wedding dress designs and patterns. I love incorporating different textures and flavor elements in every cupcake and cake.

When beginning something new, finding inspiration can be difficult. What is one piece of advice you have for someone looking for inspiration for their wedding desserts?
I would say take inspiration from every element in your wedding, whether it be the dress which may have a beautiful element like lace then add a lace accent on the cake. Or take the style and colors of your floral arrangements and bring those out in the desserts. Take the venue it will be placed in and go from what you as a couple love and want your guests to share and experience with you. 

Photo by Marisa Holmes

Photo by
For more photos from the above shoot check the online issue of {Mag}Rouge starting on page 86.

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