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This morning we want to introduce you to another amazing vendor! Sweetwater Cuisine is in the hot seat today. Here at Antonia Christianson Events we have been a fan of Sweetwater for years, and it was such a such a blessing when they moved in below our office. Sweetwater caters on and off sight with a restaurant open Monday-Friday. Sweetwater is known for their attention to detail with a southern flare. You know that someones an amazing vendor when you use them in your personal life... meet Sweetwater Cuisine and maybe you can too:
The face behind the name: Jodi Moore-Newland 

If you are looking for a small, intimate location for your wedding and ceremony, Sweetwater is also available. Below are some images from a wedding we partnered with Sweetwater for:

How did Sweetwater Cuisine get it's started?  
Jodi learned the love of cooking from her mother and catered events for friends on a regular basis.  She was asked to cater a large professional development seminar for her employer.  One week later she was licensed and operating on a part-time basis as Sweetwater Cuisine.  During the seminar three more events were booked for the following month.  For the next year, Jodi worked as a teacher while operating Sweetwater part-time.  In January of 2005, Sweetwater made its debut in the wedding industry at the Karen Eagle Bridal Show and in June of that same year, Sweetwater became a full-time venture by Jodi and her sister, Kelly.

What are some ways to make an event unique?  
It has always been a goal of Sweetwater to make each event special and unique.  Our menus are created specifically with the client's vision in mind.  Each menu item is handpicked by the client, even if that means perfecting the bride's family recipes for the event.  This together with our beautiful food displays that incorporate all the elements of the event create a completely unique event for each client.

What are some of the biggest trends you're seeing for weddings?  
The most recent trends are definitely vintage themed and shabby chic events.  Comfort foods go hand-in-hand with these themes.  

Do you have any advice for couples looking to find the right caterer for their big day?  
Things to look for in a caterer:  Do they understand your vision for the event?  Do they offer opportunities for tasting food items prior to signing a contract?  Does the caterer listen to your ideas or only focus on their own ideas?  Can the caterer offer full-service including staffing, rental items, serving pieces, setup, and breakdown?

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