Monday Meeting: Summer Interns- Kait and Amie

One of the things I love about being a business owner is educating and giving back. Each semester we host an internship program to one or two college students and today we wanted to introduce you to our awesome Summer Interns: Kaitlin and Amie!

(Amie and Kait at an ACE wedding Rehearsal)

Amie York, a Virginia Beach native, graduated from Princess Anne High school and is now a Junior at James Madison University. She is a Hospitality Management Major with a Business Minor. 

What sparked your interest in the wedding industry? My passion for events began in high school where I had the numerous opportunities to plan and execute community service, fundraising events, and my class' junior Ring Dance and senior Prom through class council leadership. I knew I had a passion and the gifting for planning events. I went into JMU my sophomore year of college as a Hospitality Major with hopes to own my own Bed and Breakfast (which is still a dream of mine), but it wasn't until I worked for Early Katering in Harrisonburg, VA and was catering staff for many weddings that I saw the potential of the wedding industry. It was like my high school career, only times ten and every weekend! Although this industry is very time-demanding and exhausting at times I have loved my experience thus far.

At the event, what has been your favorite moment at a wedding? My favorite moment this far was at Sara and Karl's wedding in May... they had their flower girl walk with a bundle of roses and hand them out to the guest on the end of the rows as she walked down. It was such a cool twist of the traditional flower girl and it really personalized the event for the guests as well! 

What it your favorite part of  planning a wedding? The time in the office with Antonia and Kaitlin. Does that count? Just kidding...I would have to say my favorite part of planning a wedding is the actual meeting with clients. The paperwork, bookings, ordering, and other parts are fun and make me feel really professional but when we actually get to meet and know the client it adds life and a personal touch to what we are doing. And I love being a small part of such an exciting time of these couple's lives!

At the moment, what is one of your favorite wedding trends? I am a sucker for anything rustic or antique. Burlap, mason jars, white wash wood, antique furniture, pastels with navy... and any trend is complete with twinkle lights in my opinion I also am loving the cupcake trend as well. It is so much funner for guests to have options in type of cake... and they can bring some home!

Kaitlin Walsh, from Hampton, VA, graduated from Stonebridge High School in Chesapeake, and is now a Senior at James Madison Univeristy. Kait is also a Hospitality Major with Spanish and Business minors. 

What sparked your interest in the wedding industry?
I think that my interest in the wedding industry comes from my love for people. I've attended an abnormal amount of weddings, and I just loved the uniqueness of each event. I started thinking a working in events my sophomore year of college, after sitting in my living room with my 13 housemates- stressing what to major in. They were super encouraging and surprisingly were like, Kait you should do events. Since then, I have worked in catering and loved getting to see that side of events, and now am so enjoying getting to be a part of the entire process.

At the event, what has been your favorite moment at a wedding?
My favorite moments are just getting to observe the couples relationship, and their affect on the people close to them. The vows, toasts, and dances... I may or may not have cried... a few times.

What it your favorite part of  planning a wedding?
I love people, and I value relationships more than anything- so of course I love getting to meet with clients. To know them, and their story, and getting to serve them in any way I can.

At the moment, what is one of your favorite wedding trends?
Who doesn't love anything "vintage" or "antique"? But recently I have loved the use of different shades of one color- blues or greens, and very simple design with specific and influential details.

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