I'm Thankful: 2010

So, this marks my 200th post to the ever evolving Antonia Christianson Events Blog...and what a great day to post...Thanksgiving Day! Last year (and every year) I post on the many many items that I am grateful for. This year I will do the same...

Let's fly a kite from Kristin Fields on Vimeo.

First, I am obviously thankful for an amazing family. I am surrounded by the support and energy of my husband James and two beautiful babies...In the past I have been told that I am obsessed with them, but truthfully, I'm not sure what else you should be obsessed with than the few things in this world that make you tick, and make your life worth living. I am not only thankful that I have such support around me, but eternally grateful and blessed to have the things I do at such a young age.

I am thankful for the most hilarious children in the world...to know them is to know laughter, uncontrollable laughter.

I am thankful for a beautiful new studio, a mom that has been the best mom and dad a gal could ask for, in-laws that actually rock, the most accomplished group of friends, adorable nieces and nephews, ...and of course a faith that is always steadfast.

I am thankful for colleagues in the wedding world that help me grow both professionally and personally...colleagues that I can truly call my friends.

I am thankful for hilarious, trusting, and ever appreciative clients that let me into one of the most beautiful, trying and loving days of their life.

I am thankful for my M's...my best friends Molly and Melanie who have helped our little circle grow this year with the birth of baby Trent nearly 3 months ago to Molly and the upcoming birth of baby Josh in the coming weeks. (last thanksgiving we were grateful for the marriage of his mommy and daddy).

I am thankful for the most supportive, real staff that I could ask for. I am not only thankful that they bring me down to earth, but that their brutal honesty has formed me to the person I am today. I am thankful that they ground me, support me, love me and humor me (even when they think i'm a nut). I'm thankful that they come back to work week after week, year after year because they are as in love with our clients as I am.

I am thankful to one of my dearest friends in the world...Lissa Hatcher for the images and video above...

I am thankful for those that inspire me daily...

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