Your Brother Is Not A DJ

So we are back…with another part to our very popular series “Your mom is not a (insert bridal vendor here)”. Each time I sit down to write for this series in particular I get a bit nervous. I definitely don’t want to insult anyone, but I feel it is my job as a wedding professional to give the truth to clients and friends alike. While it is very generous and kind of your family to offer to donate their non-trained services to you on your wedding day it is also truly doing you an injustice. While saving money is a definite plus…saving embarrassment is probably what you’d like more of on your wedding day.

I have said it once and I’ll say it again…a DJ can make or break any affair! We have had relatively “boring” weddings that were definitely spruced up by an amazing DJ….and we have also had very beautiful events for some of the most energetic, in love clients ever that have had their weddings pretty much ruined by a bad DJ…or a “DJ” that was a friend.

First, let me explain a small but very important difference in DJ’s. There are a few different kinds of DJ’s and you should be mindful of who you are hiring. (Or who is offering to help you).

First, there is a Radio DJ…This DJ is great to listen to in your car, but they don’t necessarily have the same experience with events as they do with keeping your ride home from work enjoyable. Many Radio DJ’s do not have their own equipment or insurance as your wedding venue might require. 

Next, there is your CLUB DJ…also, a very big difference between your wedding DJ and a radio DJ. A Club DJ might be known for making announcements such as “the bar is closing” or “the little black dress contest is starting”…but definitely not for keeping up with traditions such as cutting the cake or introducing you to your guests for the first time as Mr. & Mrs.… a time when tradition and fun are to be mixed, with great levels of care and class. A club DJ is an absolute pro at pumping the base (and maybe even a few fists)…but not necessarily for the first dance type of crowd.

Finally, there is a wedding DJ. This person is skilled in getting grandma on the dance floor without boring your 20 something aged crowd to tears. They know how to stall a toast while the bride gets all of the cake off of her face (that the groom has so romantically smashed up her nose)…They know how to line up a bridal party, read a crowd and know that if a very lively crowd quickly leaves the dance floor that it’s time to fade to a new song. Being a wedding DJ is an art…they have to be fun not cheesy, well dressed and appropriate…they have to get everyone on the dance floor from age 8 to 80 while following the strict wishes of the people in charge. The Bride & Groom.

Now you might ask, why did she explain the difference in DJ’s….why can’t my brother play my playlist on my iPod and just let it roll without minimum interruptions. Because that’s the truth right? You want a mix of all 3 types of DJ”s without the expense? You want a radio DJ that knows what’s hot and popular, the fun of a Club DJ that can keep the floor moving all night and the experience with tradition of a wedding DJ….and you think your brother has been to enough events as a guest to know how to incorporate all 3 of these for FREE! And the truth is: can you come up with a kickin’ playlist? Yes…but is he insured? Does he have the right type of sound equipment (and yes each venue might need something a bit different)? Does he have a microphone (actually 2) for the priest, toasts, and impromptu serenades? Can he read a crowd and slowly fade into another song when all of your guests leave the dance floor…because your pre-made guest list wasn’t working out exactly how you thought it should be. Probably Not...Save the embarrassment, add a bit of expense and have any amazing time at your wedding...The one where your family is there for one reason and one reason only: To enjoy your new marriage while they celebrate your love.  

Think about it.

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