Meet Lacey Lee: Our Work Wednesday Fitness Guru

For quite a while we had a series on our blog called Wedding Wednesday which took a backseat while we searched for the perfect fitness guru to get us back to our weekly tips....and finally, We found someone!

Starting next week we will have great tips from Lacey Lee!

Lacey is a certified personal trainer and nutritional consultant with over 10 years experience. She focuses on bootcamp style fitness classes and training approaches that fuse cardiovascular and strength training exercises. 

One of the best things about Lacey and her method of training is that she customizes everything for each client. She works within the parameters and needs of each client while traveling to their location or meeting in her new space (soon to open!) She offers at home personal training, group training and nutritional counseling while incorporating her passion for fitness and the ability to educate and help people achieve their personal fitness goals. 

Her background and philosophy:   " As long as I can remember, I’ve been active and involved in sports.  The sport I love most and excelled at is tennis.  My love for tennis led me to Old Dominion University to play on the Women’s Tennis team.   Unfortunately, a serious back injury ended my career.  I had to re-focus and find another career path.  My journey led me to the importance of physical fitness and it was then that I began my education to become a personal trainer and nutritional consultant. 

·         My fitness and nutrition philosophy is to treat each person as the individual they are.  We are all unique and our body’s different.   Therefore everyone receives a tailored fitness and nutritional program to focus on individual goals and shape their body to its optimal state. Once we begin you will not experience two workouts alike and you will learn to balance the nutrition and the fitness plan – you can’t do one without the other – nutrition is 90% of your efforts."

Lacey Holds a Commercial Recreation degree from Old Dominion University and she is ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AFPA certified Nutritional Consultant, CPR and First Aid Certified. She also played for the ODU Womens Tennis Team from 1996-2000. 

We look forward to sharing a bit more information about Lacey's bridal bootcamp tomorrow...and hearing back from her weekly on our "Workout Wednesday" Feature!   

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