explanation. Your Family Members are not Wedding Vendors

I get a lot of great emails every week from our posts entitled "Your (family member) is not...." and we also receive a very rare nasty comment or two. So, I thought I'd write a little something to explain our thought process behind our posts.

I mentioned in our first post of the series "Your mom is not a planner" that I thought about what to write for quite some time. My goal is never to offend anyone, but to educate. I hear from brides and mothers alike...that they love the series. So I know, we are doing something right.

First, we write our posts from previous experiences of our own and recommendations of other wedding vendors in our hometown and across the nation. We also, have those same vendors read our entries before we post them to our blog. This way, we know that our work has been double checked before the public can read it. It helps with grammar, but also with the education piece that I mentioned above.

Second, it is obvious that some "readers" stop at the title of each post..rather than actually reading the entire thing. I know that they can get lengthy...but there is some great information to share. We always make sure to explain that there are some mothers who are amazing florists...or amazing amateurs florists....or your Dad might really be a professional photographer...We are not discrediting those people. We are merely speaking from the little experiences of life.

Finally...even if your mom is a great florist, your brother an amazing DJ or your dad an out of this world Photographer...Do you really want them to work on your wedding day? And what if they mess something up (not on purpose...but things happen). Are you going to be able to let them live those mistakes down?

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