Rachel and Mike: Ft. Monroe Reception

I recently shared a message from a former groom on our blog that gave a bit of insight into his thoughts on why you should hire a wedding planner...I was more than honored that he felt so highly of our services that he wanted to write on our blog! I'd like to introduce you to Mike again...but this time, with his lovely bride Rachel. When Rachel and Mike came to me they were newlyweds, they had gotten married in New York City and wanted to celebrate locally with a reception a few months later.

Rachel and Mike chose Ft. Monroe as the backdrop of their wedding reception. Mike works on the base as a laywer and they thought the relaxed view of the Bay Breeze Club would be the perfect location. From day one their main goal was to have a laid back night that their guests could really enjoy...And I think we pulled that off perfectly.

We incorporated very simple decor with crisp white linens and hints of Royal Blue. I think that their cigar bar was the ultimate hangout spot for many of the guests throughout the evening.

Here are a few images from Connie Feng of the evening:

A special thank you to the following vendors: Patti Cakes, Inc., DJ Taylor Haycox, Pike Media Resource, Becky's Buckroe Florist and MWR.

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