A 30th Surprise Party...

I have been meaning to post pictures from my hubby's surprise 30th birthday for a few weeks now...but we have been so focused on taking care of the little details for our clients June weddings the blog has take a back burner... but wait no longer. Pictures and details are here!! 

I must first say that I am amazingly blessed to have a very strong core group of friends, both inside the wedding world...and out. I mentioned throwing James a surprise party about 4 months ago...and everyone wanted to jump in and help....so we decided to go for it. He isn't the easiest person to surprise, so I was a bit leery but it was definitely worth the stress! James and I are a very open couple; I keep no secrets, so this was gut wrenching to say the least. 

I said I was blessed with amazing friends...so let me tell you who helped make this fun party happen! First, my good friend Daevid let us use his place for the backdrop of our party. You know him better as the amazing florist on Granby Street...but I know him as an amazing friend and support system. Next, we contacted our good friend Emily Patti of Patti Cakes Inc, for her help on creating the perfect birthday cake. Unless you live under a rock you know that my love is also a special events photographer so we decided that a camera cake would best suit him...one word, AMAZING! He was so very impressed and everyone keeps commenting on how astounded they were with that cake! Next, no party is complete without proper stationery, so we called on Kim & Kristen of RSVP Stationery to help create something that was simple yet fun! They came up with a classy card with a great beer tub embellishment...sounds a bit over the top but it definitely was the perfect fit. DJ Rodney Charles brought his musical genius to the big party! This definitely wasn't a dancing crowd...more of a "humming to a great tune crowd". But nonetheless...Rodney knew just what to play for our chill vibe and we are eternally grateful for keeping us in tune. Jeremy Kilgore with Blue Steel Pro Lighting adding a touch of masculine ambiance (is there such a thing?) to the space. I'm a true believer that lighting can definitely set the mood for any event, no matter how large or how small and Jeremy definitely came in and "did his thing". I really didn't give him any direction other than to make the room super cool for my James...and that he did!  Finally! I cannot say enough about our final vendor...Sweetwater Cuisine! I wanted a great caterer that would appeal to my hubby's love of food (in his past life, he was a chef, true story)...and I wanted a menu that would cater to all of our guests and their broad range of food finickiness...Jodi and her team definitely exceeded our expectations! From our tri-tip (my hubby's fav) to our turkey sliders...and of course our SHRIMP AND GRITS, everything was fabulous!!! 

Ok...enough about the details, how about some pictures! 
Did I mention that all of the linens were from Daevid as well? I love the peacock feathers! 

James' parents and little (big) brother drove 2 days for the party! 

The Family...

My Family...(LtoR) Me!, My sister-in-law Alicia, Brother Kevin, Mom, Sister Marci and Brother-In-Law Dan...This isn't all of my siblings...but still a great pic! 

My sister Marci is amazingly beautiful! ... and they gave me the sweetest new nephew this year. 

This was right after the surprise...he didn't want to go in the door! Thanks Steph and Bryan for being our decoy.

Our HILARIOUS friends and clients Kristen and Bryan! really, hilarious...

Can you tell he loved his cake? Thanks Emily! It's truly remarkable. 

The back of his camera...thats a Cannon 5D, pretty great representation. 

Also, I couldn't finish my post without thanking James' good friend, and partner in crime (and photography)...Trey Tesoro! He was at the party as a guest but he so graciously brought his camera to help document the party for us! I'm eternally thankful. 

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