A Groom's Perspective: Hire a professional planner.

I wanted to introduce you to my clients Rachel & Mike. They are a very fun couple that we helped plan a reception for...they were married last year in NYC and wanted to be able to share their wedding joy with friends and family... so they decided to hold a reception at the Bay Breeze Club on Ft. Monroe. After the wedding Mike wrote me an email about how Antonia Christianson Events had changed his perspective on hiring a wedding planner (something he previously thought was unnecessary)...so I asked him to share his thoughts with us. 
I am honored to feature him today and thankful that our work does not go unnoticed (by anyone involved). Below is the post he wrote.  

(We look forward to sharing more details of their wedding in the coming weeks.) 
Above is an image of Mike and Rachel at their New York City Nuptials in September.

As the wedding planning proceeded I agreed with most ideas that my bride-to-be, Rachel, suggested concerning wedding plans.  However, I disagreed with hiring a wedding planner because we could save cash by doing everything ourselves.  We were busy, but we had plenty of time to get things done.  Is this stuff that complicated?  Invites, minister, cake, DJ, booze, food and add water... you got a wedding.  Anything we don't know we can Google, right?

I was wrong.  Very wrong. 

Rachel and I began the festivities planning and we realized that there was more to planning a wedding than expected.  Also, we were new to town so we had no idea who we should hire.  We didn't want to get ripped off, or worse hire someone substandard.  Finally, I conceded that we should bring a subject matter expert.  Rach interviewed some folks and we hired Missy.  It was the best decision we made concerning the wedding.  She had great ideas and taught us how to throw a great party.  

More importantly, I need to emphasize that Missy worked within our budget! Before I met Missy, I assumed that she was going to try to sell us on stuff we didn't need.  Once again, I was wrong.  We (and by "we" I mean Rach) made the centerpieces and invites and Missy worked with all our materials and gave Rachel solid suggestions.  Missy was also candid when it was needed.  For example, we wanted a "candy bar" but Missy stated those are very popular but can be expensive.  I read that to mean, "Don't waste your money on something that is overdone already." 

Then the big day.  Rachel and I didn't lift a finger the entire wedding.  Missy took charge of the all the moving components involved with the wedding.  And there are a ton of moving parts.  Missy and her staff were all over the place taking care of everything.  Complete set up, directing the vendors, managing the flow of the event, checking on us, directing guests, etc.  If it wasn't for Missy, it would have been me and Rach doing all the management and not enjoying ourselves.  I guarantee that I only noticed a small percentage of the work that Missy was doing.  Everything at the wedding was seamless so she had to be behind the scenes making things happen.  She got to know us, knew what we wanted, as was able to make decisions without us knowing that there was even an issue so we could enjoy our time with our loved ones.

Antonia Christianson Events is a must hire for wedding.  My wife, family, friends and I had a blast. The money we paid to Missy we saved with her cost saving ideas and a very low stress wedding.  We owe Missy and her suggested vendors for all of our wonderful memories.

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