Caroline & Mike get married!

As I stated in a previous post, this past weekend was CRAZY! We had two weddings on Saturday at two very different venues with two very different vibes and we LOVED them both! The Saturday morning wedding was held at Churchland Baptist Church (were the grooms parents were also married) and the reception was at the Norfolk Pagoda. We were a bit nervous with a completely outdoor reception but everything turned out swimmingly.  Carrie definitely had a vision for a simple brunch to be held in a "garden party" type setting. We used shades of purple on the tables with accents of wild flower type centerpieces, a yummy (and pretty) cookie bar, and a cool cake table decoration that I hope to post images of soon. I was a bit nervous as to how everything was going to tie in together but it was beautiful! Classic, timeless and beautiful.

A few things we loved. Carrie's Purple Heels! They were sexy and pretty and fun! We also loved the lavender boutonnières that Mike and his groomsmen wore. They smelled delicious and had a great simplicity to them. My absolute favorite part of the wedding...they had a prayer service before the wedding, a nice added touch to a blessed day. 

I never got to post their engagement pictures so first, let me show you just a few shots of their "carousel" ride... Thank you Trey Tesoro and James Christianson!

And now...the grand finale, a few images of the big day! 

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