Rachel's Getting Married!

A Brief Introduction: As many as you know I have 2 kick butt event assistants...Kelly and Rachel! Kelly has been with me for quite some time now (we just celebrated her anniversary with Antonia Christianson Events) and Rachel just recently started in the heat of the 2009 event season. I'll give you more details about Kelly in the near future...but today I wanted to introduce you to Rachel as she is going to be letting you into a bit of her wedding planning process. It will be a cool mix between planning her own wedding and assisting in the events of our fabulous clients.

Rachel and I went to the same small university...we shared many mutual friends but never met (a shame because we would have definitely had a blast together). She is currently working towards her masters in elementary education and is on the ball when it comes to events. I love my staff...I never have to tell them what to do...they are always one step ahead of me and ready and eager to help. I don't want to share too much info about my beloved Rachel as her story will unfold before your eyes.

The Proposal:
As a child, I vividly remember sitting in the patchy grass on a crisp autumn evening arranging dandelions and clovers for my “wedding bouquet.” With fireflies, and croaking crickets as attendants, I walked the aisle (etched in pink chalk down the driveway) with a toilet paper veil, and my new jelly shoes. Following the ceremony officiated by Paddington the Bear, Prince Charming and I rode happily into the sunset, on our horse drawn carriage otherwise known as my little brother’s big wheel. This faux fairy tale spawned a curiosity of real life weddings and marriage. My mother explained that she often prayed when the time came my husband would be “sent from heaven.” I remember for the longest time, I was certain “the marriage stork” would pluck Herman the horticulturist, or Chester the chess president from “husband heaven.” I couldn't fathom the thought, but knew I would have to accept the delivery because mother requested him! Eventually, my eldest brother informed me that companions weren’t delivered via stork or from “husband heaven”...they grew from seeds.

As I relive whimsical fantasies from my childhood, I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences as little girls. Though years push me farther from those days, I’ve clung to the romance, chick flick endings, and periodical flights of imagination that take me to castles in the sky and strapping princes on horseback. Those memories have more recently frequented my mind since the proposal of my now fiancĂ© …Nick. Before we enter the world of taffeta, rose petals, and flowing gowns…let me first introduce you to us!

My name is Rachel Paige a carefree, bubbly, animated, compassionate and fickle 26 year old that welcomes change. My fiancĂ©, 30 year old Nicholas Rhodes is quiet in nature, intuitive, and a planner in every right. He knows what he wants, is assertive when required, and has one of the sharpest whits out of anyone I know. We are complete opposites, but a perfect complement to each other in every way. He uses an amusing metaphor to describe us “You’re like a balloon on a very long string. I got a hold of you but you’re still ahead of me bobbing in the clouds.” What can I say, he keeps me grounded, and I keep him on his toes.

We’ve been together almost four years. Though he swears I tossed him a cheesy pickup line, I just knew he looked familiar (wink, wink). Since then, we’ve become intertwined and inseparable buddies. As any couple we’ve had our share of trials and conflict, but we’ve learned from them as opposed to letting them threaten the relationship. And now for the good part…
For months, I was a non-stop motorboat going constantly to prep for Graduate school, working or studying around the clock. I knew it was bad when a whole season of Project Runway flew by without me noticing (I know). I finally gave myself a rest and penciled in a day for bon -bons, movies, and …Nick. With the rain pouring outside, we threw on our lounge wear wine in hand and plopped on the couch. Rainy days on the couch with your love always call for junk food, so I suggested hamburgers. Nicholas, who never cooks, offered to go out in the pouring rain to pick up ingredient to make homemade hamburgers. In awe, I accepted. I sat in the kitchen watching him fumble his way through the process in admiration of the great task before him. Suddenly, he approached me with a look in his eye I had never seen before. Scared, I questioned him as to what was going on…he didn’t answer. Instead, beads of sweat dripped down his face. Being the worrier, my mind darted to the vast library of horrific things he was about to tell me. His words shaking and eyes fixed on mine he explained how much he loved our relationship and how he wanted to take care of me the rest of my life. You could’ve mopped me off the floor. With my parents approval he asked me to marry him and I tearfully accepted. He pulled out the box (and yes I was quite scared to look down), but to my surprise it was the most perfect ring I’d ever seen. He had no idea what I wanted so how did he know what to get? My heart sank when he said that he had carried it for months waiting for the perfect moment. He had researched for a year, building rings on websites, viewing diamonds through microscopes and observing my comments. As I sent out a mass photo text I wasn’t prepared for the flood of calls to follow. It was the most amazing feeling to know that those surrounding us were just as happy as we were. My fairy tale had officially begun!

Then came the wedding planning…

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