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Happy Monday Meeting! Anyone that knows me or has been to my studio knows i'm a bit obsessed with Stationery! Not just any stationery, gorgeous, lush, event driven stationery!  So it only makes sense that today on our blog we introduce you to one of our favorite stationers, RSVP Stationery

RSVP is owned by Kim and Kristen a sister team that pretty much rocks. Or as their website says "Kim, Kristen and sometimes Mom!" We also love how this duo inspires our clients, "gets it" each and every time and only gets better with the ever changing world of stationery design. 

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How did RSVP Stationery get its start?
Stationery has truly been in our blood for years.  We come from a long line of stationers and printers in our family.  Family is very important to us, so when our mom decided to retire from teaching, we decided we should do something together.  She had the planning and coordinating background, and Kim and I had the stationery and printing background, thus starting RSVP Stationery in 2003.

What makes your stationery “one of a kind”?
I think what makes us and our stationery unique is that we always think outside of the box!  The word “no” is not in our vocabulary when it comes to stationery and paper design.  Our area is so saturated with the same invitation lines.  Who really wants to send out the same invitation their cousin sent the year before.  We hope that we can create or find an invitation for our clients in any budget that excite and wow their guests!  

How did you make the transition from printing and wedding coordinating to developing RSVP Stationery?
Wedding planning and coordinating was not our focus in the beginning; however, it was something we loved to do along with running our retail storefront.  When we finally let our mom retire for a second time, we decided to stop the planning portion as well, just taking on wedding coordination and continuing to run the stationery store.  However, when Kim and I started designing our own invitations in house, everything changed.  Due to the amazing response, our time has been consumed with designing and producing custom invitation orders.  Since Kim and I have a genuine passion for paper and design, we decided to end wedding coordination completely.  Now we are able use our time to focus more on our love for stationery, paper and design.

When we started our business:
We really felt our clients needed an alternative to the “cookie cutter” invitation.  We strive to stay abreast with the latest trends, styles and ever-changing etiquette.  Our hope is that every event that we order or design an invitation for is unique to that client. Even if it is as simple as suggesting a new font, ink color or modern wording layout; any change can make the unique difference!

RSVP Stationery offers many different kinds of stationery, what type of events do your clients seek stationery for the most?
Weddings and Mitzvahs are definitely the majority of our “paper fun”; however, we have a strong client following for our imprintable invitations and personal stationery.  Whether it is a fun birthday invitation, a wedding program, or custom cups and napkins, our clients always find something perfect for their event. 

What is your favorite Stationery trend that you have seen for 2012?
Custom design is a huge trend this year and we feel it is here to stay.  We really love to get to know our clients, and in doing so it makes giving them their custom look so much more successful.  Meeting their planners, sisters, moms or fiancĂ©es always helps to give insight into the kind of “look” our clients may want. 

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