Monday Meeting: Andi Grant Photography

We're excited to be back with our Monday Meetings!  We know you missed us so we have put together awesome interviews and samples of work from some of our favorite vendors here in Hampton Roads and beyond!  Our featured vendor this Monday is Andi Grant Photography. She specializes in capturing engagement, wedding and beloved memories.

What was the biggest challenge in transitioning from a career as a 911 dispatcher to photography? 
Leaving 911 was all good, the only challenge I found was working too much.   In my first 2 years in business I didn't take days off and working 10 hours a day was the norm and on days that I was "taking off" I would only work 4 hours, you know for my birthday or Christmas.  I had to discipline myself to allow myself me time and to make that happen I became more proficient in my work.  I still work a lot, but I'm trying to keep it closer to 40 hours a week instead of 70.  
 What is your favorite moment to capture during the wedding or engagement?
I have several favorites.  It's often found in those quiet moments when the couple isn't aware of anyone else around them and you can see the love in their eyes and feel their embrace....I love love...Oh and sometimes I catch that during their first dance, if they let the surroundings melt away and focus on each other...It's a great sight to behold.  I also love when they turn around after their ceremony and get ready to walk down the aisle that's always a fun moment for them, the "We did it" moment.
On your website, your photography style is described as having a “spunky vibe,” what makes you describe your photography in this way?
I don't think it's our photography that has the spunky vibe, but actually Zoë and I are the spunky ones.  We are high energy and are always having a lot of fun with our couples.  Our photography is best described as fresh, clean and beautiful.  We take a lot of pride in knowing just how to pose and interact with our couples so that they look and feel amazing when it's all said and done.  
What advice would you give couples in choosing the right photographer?

Good photography is probably a larger investment than couples initially anticipated. Because of this It's important to get some recommendations from their planner and friends. I suggest they look around and really figure out what they love and don't like about the different photographers in the area. It's so important that they find a photographer who matches their personality and who's work they absolutely adore.  It's not enough to think their photos are ok, not for something this important. They need to be sure they LOVE their style and that they think they would be a good fit.  A lot of us photographers are flexible, I can lean towards the more photojournalistic or the more artistic if that's what my clients want but I'm not overly traditional so I wouldn't be a good match for the couple who is looking for that kind of photographer.  There are so many amazing photographers in the area so I recommend they take their time, set up meetings and find one that fits their personality as well as their budget. Tricky part is you can't take too much time because the well sought after photographer's book about 9-12 months in advance, sometimes longer so if there is a photographer you love don't wait to set up that meeting, and really that goes for all the great vendors you want to work with.

 What was the theme of your favorite wedding you have photographed?
I loved the gorgeous nautical wedding I shot in Key West, but the most creative wedding we photographed in 2011 was our Alice in Wonderland themed wedding in North Carolina, it was an intimate wedding with so many great details.

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