Workout Wednesday: The New Lacey Lee Fitness

For months now Lacey Lee has been educating our readers on how to live a healthier a simple, step by step way. If you love her approach to educating you now have the opportunity to visit her gym! We are proud to announce that Lacey's Fitness Studio is finally open for business!

 Last week Lacey attended the Antonia Christianson Events Holiday Open house and it was so great to hear so many friends and vendors commenting on how they loved her weekly posts to our blog. She is as down to earth and friendly in person as she is in her writing. I'd love it if each of our readers stopped by her studio for a free consultation...i'm sure you'll be hooked. Make sure to tell her staff that you heard about Lacey Lee Fitness from the ACE Blog! 

It is with great pleasure to announce – Lacey Lee Fitness Studio is officially OPEN!
When I first introduced myself in August – I spoke about my background, my training styles and through the numerous Workout Wednesday blogs – my tips and advice.  Now the time has come to fill you in on Lacey Lee Fitness Studio.

Lacey Lee Fitness is located in West Ghent - a wonderful neighborhood in Norfolk.  What once used to be a warehouse that held documents for an architect firm – has now been spruced up with vibrant colors and d├ęcor to give off the right amount of energy and motivation one will want when working out.  When the search began in finding a location for my personal training and fitness class studio – I had had 3 requirements. 1.Easy for people to get to  2. Free parking   3.  Be in a safe area.  Once I found my location (which is better than I could have imagined) every detail that followed was to ensure people’s workout experience was nothing but the best.  

As I have mentioned before, working out is intimidating for most people – especially in a gym setting.   Between the layout of my studio and the services I offer, my goal is put your anxieties at ease.  It is very common to be nervous when entering a fitness class for the 1st time or hiring a personal trainer.  With me – I offer everyone a no-obligation free consultation or session.  I will answer all of your questions, fill you in on what to expect and guide you to the correct class for your current fitness levels.  Then to top it off – you receive a no-obligation 7 day membership so you can come try as many classes as you want for a full week.  You can visit my website for more information and to view the class schedule.

One great thing about fitness classes - you are essentially doing group personal training.  You don’t have to worry about motivating yourself or trying to remember what exercises to do – the instructor does it for you.  Granted you will have to do the “hard” part by actually doing the exercises– but we take the guess work out for you.  Over the years of working in the fitness industry – too many times I have seen people just “going through the motions” when they workout.  Then they get frustrated and discouraged when they don’t see results and drop off the workout wagon.  Most people don’t know how to push themselves without pushing too hard.  So in turn- they tend to not work as hard as they should or worse hurt themselves. 

I am a big picture thinker.  Hence my logo - “It’s Not Just a Workout…It’s a Lifestyle”.  The goal is to adapt a healthier lifestyle and to begin at whatever pace is comfortable for you.  Working out twice a week for a half hour is certainly better than nothing.  You know yourself best – don’t set yourself up for failure by saying you will hit the gym 5 days a week.  Work your way up to that point.  It is always easier to add a day then to take a day away. No point busting your butt for a month then stopping all together.  You will only get back to why you began working out in the first place.  As you have learned throughout the Workout Wednesday blogs – I push not only the educational aspect of a healthy lifestyle but having fun while doing it.  After all – if you do anything you dread or inconvenient – you will stop.  I don’t want that to happen and I know you don’t either.

At Lacey Lee Fitness – not only will you become fit, you will learn so much more.   When you participate in a class you will notice although you are in a class setting – the instructors pay attention to each individual, making sure you are doing what you need to be doing for your fitness levels and not worrying about what Sally or Joe is doing next to you. 

Another unique aspect of Lacey Lee Fitness are the membership options.  When I put together my fitness class membership options – my goal again, was to put anxieties at ease and to provide as many options as possible.  I want people to only pay for the services they want.  No contracts.  No enrollment fees.  Therefore, I offer 7 membership options. 

*Unlimited Classes  
- No restrictions – enjoy any class at any time

*12 Classes a month 
- This option allows you to attend any 12 classes throughout the month

*8 Classes a month
- This option allows you to attend any 8 classes throughout the month

*One a day 
- Morning, lunchtime or Evening only + Saturday
Does your schedule only allow you to attend evening classes?  Or do you prefer to workout in the mornings?  Or during your lunch break? 

*8 Class Punch Card
- One time charge – no expiration date – come to any 8 classes you would like

*12 Class Punch Card 
- One time charge – no expiration date – come to any 12 classes you would like

*Drop in 
- Not sure how often you can make it to classes?  Pay as you go.

I hope you will take advantage of my no-obligation free consultation and/or session.  After all you won’t know if you like it until you try it, right?  Getting started is the hard part.  I give you my promise – you will be100% happy you did it once you begin. 

Please don’t hesitate to call and/or email me if you have any questions and/or concerns. 

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