Color Combo: Green/Pink/White

I love this traditional color palette with a modern twist...
Mossy Greens and light blushy pinks have always been a favorite of mine because of it's timeless elegance. Add a funky patterned chair (via upholstery or lighting scheme) with a turn of the century accent piece in white and you definitely have an event to talk about. Light and dark pink flowers make for a romantic bouquet with a bit of whimsy...add a classic white gown and this event is as timeless as weddings can get.
Want something traditional yet modern? Add funky jewelry and a fun shoe to real show your "unique to you" style while still keeping with that traditional gown that is sure to make even your grandmother happy.

Photo credit: Jen Curtis


A Creative Bride said...

I love this! It would be perfect for my friend! I'm going to introduce you two.

Shannon Edwards said...

Hey girl! I love the blog!!!! I told a couple of my girl friends who I went to lunch with yesterday all about you! :) One is engaged and one "hopefully soon"!!! I am going to ad you to my blog roll!

Joey and Lana said...

hahah. i just noticed the photo of the flowers is me! jen did a great job on my wedding!



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