I'm a Bridesmaid...What's my Job?

Let's be honest...I'm obsessed with a great Bridesmaid's (notice I didn't say Bridal) Boutique out West called Twirl...and a few months ago while blog stalking I read a great little article about the jobs of a bridesmaid. While, I have been a bridesmaid several times in my life and even a bride (I've only done that once) I thought Keri from Twirl put it best. Now it's your turn to read it, direct from the Twirl Blog...

Put on your dress, grab a bouquet, and stand next to the chick in white for about 20 minutes- that’s all there is to being a bridesmaid, right? Oh so wrong, lovely ladies. As a bridesmaid, you have an important role – and not just for a day. From the time you are asked to be in the wedding, to well after you see those two off to their honeymoon, you have a job that includes responsibilities. This isn’t your typical 9-5 cubical gig. It’s fun and rewarding, so make it your goal to be a BM SUPERSTAR.
Here are 15 quick tips to get you off to a good start. We’ll go more in-depth on some of these in future blogs, so check back with us regularly.
Attitude and Behavior
1) Respect your bride’s taste and vision, even if they don’t match your own.
2) Be gracious at all times.
3) Be a friend first, a bridesmaid second.
4) Never be the “drunk chick” who guests are talking about a year later.
5) Be supportive of your bride’s decisions regarding your attire, who you walk with, where you sit at dinner, etc. Avoid complaining at all costs.
1) If your bridesmaid dress isn’t your favorite color, make up for it with a light spray tan. Make sure to go to a professional – the orange bridesmaid is not a good look.
2) Wear wedge shoes if the wedding is in grass or sand, or go barefoot in the sand.
3) Whether you are a size 2 or 20 – buy Spanx .
4) Have dresser cups sewn into your dress instead of wearing a bra – they are much less expensive and much more comfortable.
5) Be ‘fresh’ for the wedding – get a pedicure, have your roots done, wax, shave, etc. You’ll look and feel even more fabulous!
1) Take an active role in throwing your bride a shower and bachelorette party.
2) On the wedding day, ask what you can do to help your bride stay calm and relaxed (ie: Keep the MOB or MOG at bay, pour her a glass of champagne, check on the groom and groomsmen, pass out any last minute checks or cash envelopes to vendors, etc.).
3) Be organized and on top of things you are asked to do like ordering your dress, buying shoes, and making your hair appointment.
4) Be the first to RSVP for her wedding!
5) You will need to buy three gifts: Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, and Wedding. Plan ahead so you’re not spending your money all at once.

Go get ‘em you BM SUPERSTAR!

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