Cool Product Alert; Wedit

We Love Fun Products and look what we came across yesterday: Wedit! We thought this was a great option for those clients that don't have a large cinematography budget yet still yearn to have a very cool video from the perspective of their guests.

So Here is the LowDown:
You receive 5 HD camera's that you can with as you please for 3 days. You can place them anywhere you want, or give them to your guests to capture all the action of your fabulous day! send the cameras back to Wedit and they either upload all of your raw footage or for a small additional fee they can create a wedding video with your guest shot video. So Cool right? And you get it for a few days so you can really capture the moments leading up to your big day...

Here's a great sample below: 

Wedit Trailer Bahamas from Brett deMarrais on Vimeo.

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